Albert Verlinde is not in permanent cast VI after all, Jan Uriot is aiming for his place

Albert Verlinde does not join the regular cast of the ratings hit Today Inside. Meanwhile, Jan Uriot, the star journalist of Privé, is looking for his place. “There’s something in the pipeline.”

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After his two recent visits in quick succession, it seemed that Albert Verlinde would become the new regular guest of Today Inside, but nothing could be further from the truth. The VVD prominent and TV star gives in The Veronica Morning Show indicates that he will only join us if there is a direct reason to do so, something with his musicals, for example.

Occasionally at VI

When asked whether Albert is now stuck with VI, he says: “No, I like doing it. I’ve done it twice now and I think we all like it, but I won’t do that much… I’ll just join in once in a while, but I really like it.”

It seems to click with the VI trio. “Well, it is, and everyone is pretty surprised about it. Wilfred always liked it. He was always like: I think it’s right, but I kept it off for a long time. But I’ve been there twice now and I really like it. You also notice that a lot of attention is paid to it.”

Not like Eus

How does Albert notice that? “I shouted last week that I wasn’t sure if I could go on holiday through Transavia, well…. We left on time, hahaha. But you are indeed called to account for it throughout the holiday, so it is really nice to see that it has gone down well.”

Radio sidekick Niels van Baarlen: “But you are now in the regular pool with Eus and with Job Knoester and…”

Albert: “No, no, no, not that. No, not that. Just when it’s fun and when there’s something and to talk about Grease that it’s fun. Then you come along, but I’m really having a great time.”

Jan Uriot wants in

Private star journalist Jan Uriot, who has been mocked a few times by the men of VI, seems to like Albert’s place. His Telegraaf colleague Pim Sedee asks him: “Are you going to sit at the bar somewhere over there?”

Jan: “Oh, that was also an issue.”

Pim: “Would you like to visit the last VI?”


Jan: “Well, it’s in the pipeline. My manager Eline Heremans is working on it. He is busy with that editor and with Mr. Genee.”

Pim: “Do you have a manager? Okay, wow.”

Jan: “Yes, yes… Yes, you need that nowadays, ladies and gentlemen. It is not sure yet. If it continues, you will be the first to hear it.”