Albert Verlinde notices that many celebrities still have no idea how to deal with the juice channels. She often finds their reaction very exaggerated. “Take Luca Borsato, for example.”

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    Luca Borsato has seen his relationship on the rocks after a revelation from Yvonne Coldeweijer. She came out last month with the message that the singer is just as unfaithful as his dad Marco. He cheated on his girlfriend Daisy Piras during their relationship. They announced two days later that the relationship was a fact.

    Albert lashes out

    The 23-year-old Luca went completely through the dust in his statement. He himself suddenly spoke of ‘excessive contact’. “The time and again crossing contact with other women and talking black about my relationship is something that is outrageous and I should never have done it. I am very aware of this.”

    That is very exaggerated, says Albert Verlinde. He says in the Weekend: “With such a Luca Borsato, I think: gosh, you are a young boy, do you have to apologize to everyone online because you have had contact with several women? Hello, what prudishness is this?”

    ‘Take a breath’

    Albert thinks that such a Luca reacts very excessively to a revelation of a juice channel. “Sometimes you just have to dare to say: nice of you to say that, but I just want to live that way. And that is possible. Take a breath every now and then. And if he is afraid of the comparison with Marco, he should just say: ‘That’s my father and this is me.’

    You shouldn’t take those kinds of revelations from Yvonne too seriously, says Albert. “It shouldn’t get any crazier, again, what a prudishness.”


    Samantha Steenwijk is the celebrity who perhaps reacts the most exaggeratedly to the juice channels. She even went to court for some harmless gossip about diet pills.

    Albert: “I do think that people sometimes exaggerate in their response to those reports. I don’t think they have found a good way to deal with it yet, that’s it.”