Our National Football Team managed to defeat Scotland 2-1 in the special match in Diyarbakır. Cengiz Ünder was one of the players who scored goals for the national team in the struggle. The star player evaluated the match.


    Cengiz Ünder said in a statement after the match, “I came to Diyarbakır for the first time. It was an incredibly enthusiastic welcome. The fans were incredibly nice. Their hospitality was great. It is a different excitement and a different feeling to play here. Thank you to everyone who came. There was a very nice atmosphere.”

    “We won, we are happy. We had to win, even if it was a friendly match. Everything was great.”

    “I already love shooting that shot, far corner kicks. I work hard. I feel very confident when I am in the National Team and I can shoot those shots. Thank God I scored again today. Goals and assists under the national jersey are a different feeling.” made statements.