After the goalkeeper is injured: Verl loses against BVB II with a field player in the goal

As of: September 23, 2023 4:44 p.m

SC Verl lost a turbulent game in the final phase against Borussia Dortmund’s U23s 2-3. The defeat was sealed when keeper Luca Unbehaun was injured and could no longer be replaced.

In Verl, the best defense after the first six matchdays (BVB with four goals conceded) met the best attack (Verl with eleven goals) in the 3rd league. The latter also had a first shot towards the opponent’s goal through central defender Barne Pernot after a free kick from Oliver Batista-Meier (2nd minute), while Dortmund chose a somewhat more passive approach to the game.

Hettwer puts the BVB reserves in the lead

But after the BVB reserves had their first header chance through Falko Michel in the 10th minute, the guests even took the lead a little later. Served by Paul-Philipp Besong with a through ball, Julian Hettwer showed his executor quality in front of the goal and hit the corner with a tight low shot.

Despite the goal, the Verlers remained the pace setter of the game and equalized through Maximilian Wolfram (23rd minute). After a fine dribble, Batista-Meier crossed to Wolfram, who had no trouble heading from close range. The SC initially kept the pressure on, but after half an hour the game slowed down a bit and went into the break without any further highlights.

However, there were enough of them after the break. After a crossbar header from Dortmund’s Michel (56th), it was Batista-Meier who was the first to score. Set in motion by Corboz, he sought the direct route to the goal and hit the ball flat into the left corner from a central position (63′).

Field player Mittelstädt has to go into the Verler goal in the final phase

But like the losers in the first half, Dortmund didn’t let the deficit bother them. However, Patrick Göbel’s equalizer was a bit fortunate. Michael Eberwein missed his cross from the left side in the penalty area, so that it ended up in the far corner (74th).

In the final phase, Verl was unlucky when goalkeeper Luca Unbehaun was injured and, after five substitutions, he could no longer be replaced by a trained goalkeeper. So Hendrik Mittelstädt, who had actually been substituted to score the goal, moved between the posts and conceded the 1-2 through Justin Butler when Dortmund stormed in eight minutes of stoppage time – with a shot that Unbehaun would probably have saved.

Verl to Munich, BVB welcomes Unterhaching

SC Verl continues on Saturday with the away game at TSV 1860 Munich (2 p.m.). BVB’s U23s will play at home against SpVgg Unterhaching the next day (4:30 p.m.).