• Musk sold billions of dollars in Tesla stock in 2022
    • However, the CEO remains the largest shareholder
    • Investment companies hold the most Tesla shares according to Musk

    Has already seven times Elon Musk, whose assets are primarily Tesla shares, sold shares in the electric car maker this year. Most recently, the richest man in the world sold shares worth around four billion dollars, apparently to refinance the $44 billion takeover of Twitter. While that has shifted Tesla’s ownership structure somewhat, Musk remains his company’s largest single shareholder.

    Musk remains at the top of Tesla shareholders

    Even after the latest share sales, 445.6 million Tesla shares remain in the hands of Elon Musk, according to data from the research platform WallStreetZen. With a stake of 14.1 percent, he is the undisputed largest shareholder in the electric car manufacturer.

    With around 213 million shares, the Vanguard Group is the second-largest owner of Tesla shares. The investment company owns 6.75 percent of the company. In addition to Tesla shares, the company also holds stakes in other tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet, Meta, and NVIDIA. In addition, the company also has rather defensive stocks in its portfolio with Berkshire Hathaway.

    The world’s largest fund company BlackRock is ranked 3rd among the largest Tesla shareholders. In total, the company owns 171.9 million Tesla shares and thus controls 5.44 percent of the share capital. BlackRock also has prominent names such as Apple, Microsoft and Taiwan Semiconductor or Pfizer in its company portfolio.

    State Street owns 99.65 million Tesla shares, giving it a 3.16 percent stake in the company. However, the top value in the portfolio of the fourth largest asset manager in the world is Apple.

    The fifth largest Tesla shareholder is Capital World Investors. In total, the company holds 90.16 million Tesla shares, or 2.86 percent of Tesla’s share capital.

    The investment managers Geode Capital Management (47.49 million Tesla shares and thus 1.50 percent), T. Rowe Price (46.95 million Tesla shares and thus 1.49 percent) and FMR are in sixth to tenth place LLC, also known as Fidelity Institutional Asset Management (38.42 million shares, 1.22 percent) and Jennison Associates LLC (29.56 million Tesla shares, 0.94 percent of the company).

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