Africa Cup of Nations, Ghana eliminated from the Comoros. Morocco and Gabon in the second round

For 16 years, the Ghanaians have not been out in the groups. First victory for the Comorians, who hope for a repechage among the best thirds. Hakimi show: Morocco passes the group from first and expects one of the best third. The Panthers will face Burkina Faso

Ghana had not stopped in the initial round for 16 years: that moment has come, with a very heavy defeat at the hands of the Comoros, to their first overall victory in the African Cup. It ends 2-3, with the Black Stars in ten for over an hour for the expulsion of André Ayew. Fun match also between Gabon and Morocco, which cancel out 2-2 and go hand in hand in the round of 16.

Gabon 2-2 Morocco

The challenge between the two best teams in the group – ranking in hand – begins in the least predictable way, because at 20 ‘Soufiane Chakla slips on a long throw from Jean-Noel Amonome and leaves the road open for Jim Allevinah, scoring for the second. consecutive match. Before half-time, the North Africans have Munir Mohamedi to thank for not finishing two goals down, as the goalkeeper overcame himself by blocking a very close header from Lloyd Palun. In the second half, the story does not change, because Morocco seems to be on a bad day and Allevinah continues to scare, first with a slightly wide razor and then with a volley that hits the crossbar. Shortly after a duck of Amonome gives the same to the Lions of the Atlas, but an offside spoils the action and the goal is canceled. Unfortunately for Gabon it is time for defensive blunders, however, and Sofiane Boufal is spread out in the area at the end of an extremely chaotic action: the Angers player goes from the spot and transforms in power. Over? Far from it. At 81 ‘Aaron Boupendza brings the Panthers back forward with a nice tap-in on assist from the usual Allevinah. However, fate does not seem to smile at Gabon, because three minutes later Achraf Hakimi concocts a sensational free-kick and reaches his opponents again. Morocco, first, awaits one of the best thirds, while the Panthers will face Burkina Faso.

Ghana 2-3 Comoros

If there is a horror film plot in this Africa Cup it is undoubtedly the participation of the Black Stars, on paper a formation that is anything but unprepared. On the last day of the group stage, however, it only takes about three minutes for the rookie national team to score the first goal in its history: El Fardou’s southpaw Ben Nabouhane electrocutes Joe Wollacott and bags into the low corner. Charles Akonnor’s team immediately tries to react to the shock, but on the 25 ‘from horror it almost goes to splatter: the Var signals a sprawled intervention by André Ayew and the referee expels the Ghanaian leader. The omelette is completed at game time, because no one stops the unstoppable Ahmed Mogni who doubles after a valuable double change of direction in the penalty area. At 64 ‘on a corner the old acquaintance of Serie A Richmond Boakye reopens everything with a header under the intersection and at that point Ghana believes it: on another corner kick this time it is Alexander Djiku who comes out at the far post after the tower of a teammate, signing the 2-2 in the 73rd minute. Ali Ahamada, protagonist several times previously, this time can not do anything. Such an entertaining match certainly cannot end in a draw. And in fact five minutes from the ninetieth Benjaloud Youssouf breaks through on the right and unloads a missile towards the center of the area, where Mogni deflects to the net and is a candidate for national hero. Disaster Ghana sunk in last place, the first historic victory in the African Cup of Nations for the Comoros Islands, which are hoping for a miracle to pass the round as one of the best third.

Round standings C

Morocco 7 points; Gabon 5, Comoros 3, Ghana 1.



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