Adidas and Soul Cap are launching a swim cap that is also the right size for people with voluminous hair styles.

    The swim caps are made of 10 percent silicone because the material is less sticky to hair and allows for a more comfortable fit, Adidas said on Monday. The pieces are available in different sizes for adults and children in the online shop and the app of the Herzogenaurach sports goods retailer.

    “We are excited to be working with Soul Cap to work together to break down one of the biggest barriers in swimming: accessibility. We strive to make the water a fun, inclusive and social place, and this partnership is another step in making that goal a reality for all,” said Celine Del Genes, Adidas Global General Manager Specialist Sports.

    The start-up Soul Cap was founded in 2017 by Michael Chapman and Toks Ahmed, who during a swimming lesson for adults noticed that the one-size-fits-all swim cap does not fit all, creating problems for people with voluminous hair.