Known for his dark humor, the singer jokes that he’s better when his fans are drunk.

    Adele, who holds her concert series in Las Vegas, is rumored to earn half a million pounds per show. VICKIE FLORES

    Adele, 34, who is currently performing in the United States, has made a more special request to her fans.

    The singer urges his fans to get drunk before they arrive at the singer’s concert.

    – Go get some alcoholic drinks. The more drunk you are, the better I am, the singer urges, according to the Mirror magazine.

    Adele will perform in Las Vegas, whose bars she tries to attract her fans to before her concerts. He believes that those who come to the concert will enjoy the songs more in a drunken state.

    The request, peppered with British humor, is peculiar in the sense that Adele herself does not drink.

    He has previously spoken publicly that he does not drink alcohol during work. Nevertheless, he encourages his fans to hit the Vegas bars.

    Adele’s concerts are popular. The singer is known for his hits Easy on me and Skyfall, among others. NEIL HALL

    American concerts

    Originally, Adele was supposed to perform in the United States at the beginning of the year, but she canceled her concert at the last minute. The tearful singer described on social media that she was sorry for the situation.

    At the time, he reasoned that the concert series at The Colosseum in Las Vegas was canceled because the show wasn’t ready yet.

    – I didn’t like the previous show and neither would you, I can say that, he reveals about his current concert program.

    The star, who has now started his concert, thanks his fans who, despite the delay, are coming to see him.

    The singer is said to have been moved when an audience of thousands of people sang along with him at the first concert.

    Source: Mirror

    Adele stopped her performance to help a fan.