Adam Levine has denied allegations of cheating on his wife on Instagram: “I have not had an affair, yet I crossed a line during an unfortunate time in my life,” the 43-year-old wrote on Tuesday (September 20). “It was a mistake to speak in a flirtatious tone to anyone other than my wife.” Just a week ago, photo model Behati Prinsloo announced that the couple were expecting their third child together.

    Adam Levine seems to have ensnared several women

    Since then, their relationship has been put to a severe test: First, Instagram model Sumner Stroh announced that she had had an affair with the Maroon 5 singer – and published supposed messages from the musician: “It’s unbelievable how fucking hot you are. It blows my mind.” In reality, she looked “50 times hotter,” the American allegedly wrote to her. After Levine’s guilty statement, other women went public: He is said to have written to a comedian named Maryka: “Distract yourself by fucking with me!”

    He is also said to have written suggestive messages to another Instagram model named Alyson Rosef. The tabloid page “TMZ” has a screenshot, which apparently shows the chat history of the two. In the exchange of words, the musician writes, among other things, that in his opinion “no hot chicks” listen to metal: “I’m so strange too and only listen to metal lol,” writes the woman. Levine replies, “I said there ain’t no hot chicks but you.”

    A man tries to save his marriage

    Levine is currently trying to put things right with his wife Prinsloo. He wrote in the above statement: “My wife and family are all I care about in this world. Being naïve and stupid enough to jeopardize the only thing that really matters in my life was the biggest mistake I could ever make.”