Marco Bjurström and his late brother Janek ran two restaurants together in Helsinki. Janek died in 2020.

    Brothers Marco and Janek Bjurström were very close to the end. Atte Kajova

    Dance teacher and director Marco Bjurström has openly spoken of his grief Janekafter the death of his brother. Bjurström’s brother died in the spring of 2020, exhausted by illness. On June 23, Bjurström posted a childhood photo on his Instagram account together with Janek.

    – Do you know the saying “brothers like lynx” – that’s what we were like. Dear Janek, love never ends and you are always in my heart, Bjurström says in the caption.

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    In a previous Instagram post, a dance teacher reveals that she spent “midsummer” with her father looking at childhood photos. Bjurström had also found a common image with his father in the 1960s.

    Several commentators have stated that the brothers and father look very similar.

    If the publication does not appear, you can view it from here.

    Bjurström told of the grief she experienced in an interview with Me Naiset magazine. Marco said in an interview that time helped to deal with the matter. He recalled with emotion the last moments of Janek.

    – I was sitting next to my brother when he fell asleep for the last time at home surrounded by loved ones. Although cancer eventually changes a person physically, the eye did see when he was present. Janek said he was fine with his departure and realized there was no return from the illness. That’s why it felt kind of calm to say goodbye and say just go, Marco recalls Me Women in the spring of 2021.

    Janek Bjurström, an influencer in the restaurant industry, owned two restaurants in the center of Helsinki together with Marco.

    Marco Bjurström has openly told of his grief after the death of his brother. Jussi Eskola