«Glook at me. You just have to trust me.” To pronounce the joke is Bradley Cooperin the role of Jackson Mainethe male lead of one of the movie most poignant of recent years: A star is born (airing tonight at 9.45pm on Channel 5). The words are addressed to allyplayed by Lady Gaga. An explosive couple, who delivers rivers of tears with a classic Hollywood story revisited by Cooper.

    A star is bornthe plot

    Third remake of A star was bornfrom 1937, the film follows the story already brought to the big screen by Judy Garland and James Mason and by Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. Jackson Maine is a rock star. Fans love him and he sells out every night wherever he performs. On paper, a life full of satisfactions for an artist seeking success on stage.

    Practically, a shattered private sphere. Although he is a grown man, he still suffers from family traumas. At the time of her birth, her father was 63 years old, while her mother was only 18. Unfortunately, he didn’t have time to meet her as she died in childbirth. From his father inherits the predilection for alcoholwhich worsened following the worsening of the health conditions of his ears.

    He suffers from tinnitus, indeed. For a musician, one of the most inauspicious sentences. His life changes when one evening, after a concert, in the throes of loneliness enters a bar and he is enchanted by the singer’s voice. Ally is talented and has a great voicebut it’s not enough to make ends meet and she works as a waitress during the day.

    Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in “A star is born”. (IPA)

    A star was born: Ally

    After the evening and a fight between Jack and a customer of the bar, they go to a supermarket in search of some ice. Sitting on the sidewalk, they tell each other. ally confesses that he does not have the courage to sing his own songs in public, mindful of doors in the face received from record companies, according to which it is too ugly to break through.

    Jack asks her to sing something to her and sings a capella shallow, a new song. It’s only a few moments, but in Maine the light comes back on flame of art and passion. This unknown girl, met by chance in an ordinary club, will soon become the woman of his life. The next day he invites her to one of her concerts and, surprisingly, has her perform on her stage with him.

    It’s a tremendous success. The video goes viral and Ally can say goodbye to her career as a waitress to start pursuing your dreams. Meanwhile, Jack becomes her pygmalion. They fall madly in love and in a short time they get married. Artistic life and private life mix. Together they are an unstoppable force, at least until her career takes over. The first album is an unstoppable success, so strong that she wins the Grammy as Best New Songwriter.

    “A star is born”, the film with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga tonight on Channel 5. (IPA)

    The ending of the movie

    The joy at the consecration is overshadowed by the first god Jack’s out-of-control behavior. While the wife pronounces the acceptance speech, approaches the stage completely drunk. After the unfortunate fact, he decides to enter rehab to detox. He seems to succeed and some time later he returns home with a new spirit.

    However, it doesn’t take much for his already fragile certainties to falter further. One day she is visited by Rez Gavron (Rafi Gavron)Ally’s manager, who informs him that he is a negative presence for his wife’s public image. Furthermore, the latter informs him that she wants to cancel the European tour to concentrate on the new album.

    Jack knows he’s lying to her. The real reason why he wants to stay at home is another: he knows he has to control him to prevent him from falling back into the temptation of alcohol. Maine is still too fragile to start a new life and one evening, while Ally is away for a concert, she decides to change everything.

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    A star is born It’s based on a true story?

    Following the global success, many have wondered if the movie plot corresponded to fact or fiction. The answer is more or less the same regarding the liaison between Cooper and Gaga. First, it should be remembered that it is the remake of a remakefilmed eighty years after the original release.

    This alone would be enough to remove any suspicion of truth. Yet it is possible to find some correspondences with the story between actors Barbara Stankwyck and Frank Fay. He affirmed, she ascended, they married in 1928. A far from idyllic union, due to the problems of alcoholism by Fay.

    Golden Globes and Oscars a shallow

    Although this is not an original film, A star is born has been a global hit since its release. The understanding on the screen between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, then, made millions of viewers dream. Even more the duet on the notes of shallow during the night of the Oscars 2019.

    Both have always denied any rumors about their possible relationshipdespite him being fresh from breaking up with Irina Shayk. Not bad, because the echo of alchemy – albeit only artistic – has expanded urbi et orbi. Just think of the soundtrack A star is born soundtrack debuted at number one on the Billboard 200.

    In the’album are contained 34 tracks featured in the film, all signed by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Some lyrics also see the collaboration of Jason Isbell, Lukas Nelson and Mark Ronson. Among the hits, the poignant shallowwhich earned Gaga lto win a Golden Globe and an Academy Award.