A group of 25-30 people came in front of Vodafone Park in Beşiktaş the previous night. It was seen that some of the group chanting slogans against Beşiktaş had a line in their hands. The group that lit the torch closed the traffic. After a while, another group came to the scene, and a fight broke out between the two groups. After the fight, the group that came with the torch and line went away. The events were shared on social media by fan groups.

    Within the scope of the studies initiated by the police, a total of 9 people whose identities were identified were caught, together with the person named YA, who was seen with a line in his hand in the footage of the incident. Eight of the suspects were released after the proceedings against them were completed. The suspect named YA, on the other hand, was released on the condition of judicial control, following the charges of “Opposition to Law No. 6222”, “Opposition to Law No. 6136” and “Deliberately Injuring”.