Lidl currently has a 4K UHD television from Toshiba. But what is the TV good for and for whom is it suitable? TECHBOOK checks the offer.

    Discounters always offer technology at a reasonable price. Lidl currently has a 4K Toshiba television for just 269 euros. A good price at first glance – but what can the TV set do and is it worth buying?

    The Toshiba 43U2063DAQ at Lidl

    After the price of the television online was 309 euros for a long time, the Toshiba costs 43U2063DAQ at Lidl now 269 euros and is thus reduced by 42 percent. With its 43 inches, it is a medium-sized TV with 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels). The offer is valid via the online shop and is delivered to your home. The discounter keeps offering Toshiba devices, especially televisions.

    Lidl gives the delivery time with up to five working days. The delivery itself costs 24.90 euros. Lidl does not provide information on how long the offer will be available.

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    The technical data of the Toshiba 43U2063DAQ

    43 inches correspond to 109.22 centimeters diagonally; the Toshiba 43U2063DAQ is a medium-sized TV, but it is definitely suitable for the living room. This size allows a comfortable seat distance of up to 3 meters. The display is a 10-bit LED panel, which allows for a sharp image. Only in terms of color depth do you have to make some compromises with the Toshiba television. Thanks to the 4K resolution, high-resolution HD and UHD content can be seen razor-sharp.

    TV reception takes place via a triple tuner and is therefore optionally possible via satellite (DVB-S2), antenna (DVB-T2) and cable (DVB-C). In addition to the TV set, users of a satellite connection also have the option of receiving HD+ quality for six months. There are two HDMI ports on the back, thanks to which you can also connect a Nintendo Switch or stream series and films via a laptop. There is also a USB port, a VGA and a LAN connection. However, a connection via Bluetooth is not possible.

    Since it is a smart TV, the apps from Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video are integrated ex works. The supplied remote control has corresponding buttons with which you can activate the streaming services directly. In addition, the Toshiba TV has the voice assistants from Google and Amazon, the Google Assistant and Alexa. However, there is no recording function.

    The speaker output of the Toshiba 43U2063DAQ corresponds to 10 watts each; the technology for this comes from the manufacturer Onkyo. Users speak of good sound quality at low volume. However, if you turn it up, there is talk of annoying vibrations. The TV comes with the energy efficiency class G. However, the bad rating is not unusual for TV sets. Toshiba televisions consume between 54 and 88 kilowatt hours for 1000 hours of operation. According to Toshiba, the consumption in standby mode is less than 0.5 watts.

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    The technical data of the Toshiba 43U2063DAQ at a glance:

    • screen size: 43 inches
    • Display technology: LEDs
    • Recording functions: No
    • Digital tuner: HD triple tuner DVB-T2/-C/-S2
    • Effective refresh rate: 2000TPQ
    • Energy efficiency class: G
    • Operating system: Smart TV
    • Resolution: 4K UHD
    • Colour: Black
    • Connection: 2x HDMI (CEC + ARC), 1x USB, Ethernet, VGA
    • HDR format support: Dolby Vision HDR / HDR10 + HLG
    • speaker power: 2x 10W

    Is the Lidl offer worth it?

    Overall, the TV offer is worthwhile for anyone looking for a slightly smaller TV for the living room. The RRP of 469.99 euros specified by Lidl is somewhat misleading for the price comparison because the television is already a few years old. Nonetheless, it’s a good discount. A general price comparison is difficult because the Toshiba 43U2063DAQ is currently only available from Lidl. At least at Amazon and Co. it is currently not in stock.

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    However, televisions of a comparable size and equipment are slightly higher than the Lidl price. So if you are already making compromises in terms of color and sound quality – you can counteract this with external sound systems – you are well advised to go with the Lidl television.