that itself The dead trousers and Die Ärzte would share the stage during their band career, let alone play each other’s songs, would have never been thought possible before. Finally, both groups never missed an opportunity to joke about their alleged feud. Accordingly, it was always said: “Are you a Hosen or Ärzte fan?” That both bands appreciate each other very much, however, was shown by a historic moment in Düsseldorf: at the “Everything out of love – 40 years of Die Toten Hosen” tour Surprisingly, Die Ärzte also came by for a short musical interlude.

    A big surprise for all viewers, who immediately filmed the spectacle: Farin Urlaub, Bela B and Rodrigo Gonzalez first played “Army of the Losers” before they declared: “Dude, 40 years, you can’t be together as a band for that long”. . Unless, of course, your name is Die Ärzte, because they also celebrated their 40th band anniversary in 2022.

    This is followed by the Hosen song “Jürgen Engler’s Party” and finally Die Ärzte play a song from their own repertoire that Die Toten Hosen have already covered: “Schrei nach Liebe”. This is where the people of Düsseldorf storm the stage to join the song. “Happy Birthday, old favorite enemies”, wish the doctors, before there is a “Blitzkrieg Bop” in double volume to hear. And Bela’s last words: “We’re going to get really drunk now. But not Altbier!”

    Who couldn’t be there – here there is the memorable moment to see.

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