At the Forum Nordicum in Slovenia, international sports journalists spent three days discussing the future of Nordic skiing. The Anterselva site, where the Olympic biathlon competitions are to take place in 2026, received some attention.

    Preparations for the Winter Olympics in three and a half years’ time in South Tyrol are already in full swing. Hard work is also being done in Anterselva, famous for its huge range of cross-country ski runs and already the venue for six Biathlon World Championships.

    At the Forum Nordicum, representatives from Antholz presented the progress of the work with regard to the 2026 Winter Games and transparently listed the costs estimated so far.

    Biathlon stadium in Antholz receives weapons storage

    The new snow-making system, including the water tank, costs a whopping 6.5 million euros. The renovations in and around the Südtirol Arena, which were mainly specified by the IOC, are also not exactly cheap. Among other things, the highest biathlon stadium in the World Cup needs a weapons store.

    In total, a sum of around 23 million euros is collected, which has been or will be invested in the infrastructure. After all, the expenses are almost completely covered by public funds.

    Antholz representative Erika Pallhuber took the opportunity to invite all interested parties to come to Antholz for the open day on October 9th to get an idea of ​​the status quo.

    In the run-up to the 2007 World Cup, the stadium was extensively renovated. At that time, the spectator stands were enlarged and a new service building was built.

    Since then, the number of viewers has increased rapidly. New records are expected for the Winter Olympics, which are officially hosted by Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo.