News item | 08-09-2022 | 07:00

    The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport is making a subsidy of 12.75 million euros available to stimulate resilience and ownership within healthcare. With the money, healthcare organizations can set up activities that strengthen the authority of healthcare employees in the organization, such as setting up a nursing advisory board. The subsidy scheme can also be used to work on the physical and mental resilience of nurses and carers, for example with targeted training courses and workshops. The counter for the subsidy scheme will be open from tomorrow on

    Control and resilience

    During the corona crisis, it has become clear that healthcare workers, and in particular carers, nurses, nurse specialists and supervisors, still experience little say. This also has an effect on their recovery and resilience. Care workers who participate in the decision-making process themselves are also more likely to be satisfied with their work. As a result, they often continue to work in care for longer and with greater satisfaction. It also improves the quality of care. In addition, increasing the physical and mental resilience of healthcare workers has positive effects: resilient healthcare workers recover faster after a busy or impactful period at work.

    National action plan

    That is why professional associations V&VN and BPSW and employers’ organizations ActiZ, the Dutch mental health care, NFU, NVZ and VGN have come up with a National Action Plan for Control and Resilience. The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport makes funding available for this. The financial impulse is intended for activities aimed at promoting the resilience and control of carers, nurses, nurse specialists and counselors (VVVB) who work for the care provider. Organizations from care for the disabled, care for the elderly, mental health care, (university) hospitals, youth care and general practitioner care can claim the subsidy.

    Minister Helder: “I see that many healthcare organizations are working on issues such as control and resilience. They realize that the better you arrange such things within your organisation, the better it will be with your employees and the better the care provided. I hope that, partly with the help of this subsidy scheme, all healthcare organizations in the Netherlands will get to work with control and resilience. Ultimately, it’s about making people feel seen and heard.”


    With the subsidy scheme, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport is implementing a wish of the House of Representatives. MPs Ellemeet and De Vries submitted an amendment asking for 10 million euros for the recovery of care workers, in which control is an essential part.

    The application period runs from 9 to 23 September. More information can be found at and on National Action Plan Control.