112 news: gas station closed for a while • search for witnesses to abuse

Until late last night, the fire brigade had its hands full with a very large fire at the Leen Bakker branch on the Ekkersrijt business park in Son. The first report came in around ten to six. Around nine o’clock the fire flared up again. It was not until a quarter to twelve that the building could be ventilated and most of the fire trucks could leave.

There was a lot of black smoke coming from the Leen Bakker case:

Read all about the fire here:

Boy held for assault on Alwi
A boy is in custody for the serious assault of Alwi Smolders at the end of October. The 59-year-old man was assaulted at a Plus branch in his hometown of Tilburg when he commented on the behavior of two boys. One of the two is still in custody, the other has now been released. One suspect lives near Alwi.

Here you can read more about what Alwi experienced:

Search for occupant(s) of car in water
Last night there was a great search for the occupant(s) of a car that veered off the road on the A65 highway near Berkel-Enschot and then ended up in the water. The car first drove over a fence. The driver may have fled.

While many emergency services were searching, part of the A65 was closed for hours: