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    Cologne like a headless chicken. You also play football with your mind.

    Your comment could have come from a headless chicken…

    It can always happen that you catch an early standard goal and after that it is no longer easy against a top team from Serbia who start with the first eleven because they can hardly be in danger of relegation…

    When did Mainz last play in Europe?

    You don’t really understand. Has nothing to do with the goal. Partizan’s great chances mostly arose in the second half, due to overly motivated, careless ball losses in the attacking game. No rest and proper construction took place. Very confused, patchwork and so nothing countable can get around.
    With a controlled alignment and phases in which you would have just let the ball run, who knows what spaces would have arisen. In any case, one would not have stood so bare at the back. It would also have made the game safer.
    There was no real gameplay. Somehow they beat themselves, because not much came from Partizan, except for the invitations that Cologne handed out. A goal can of course happen, but it could have been even worse due to the way we played.
    There was undeniably a lot of commitment, but still pretty headless and wild.
    Stick with it, a lot more would have gone with more rest.
    Your personal attack… Ridiculous