The public image of the Uruguayan youtuber Yao Cabrera began to darken after the Federal Chamber of San Martín confirmed his prosecution, millionaire embargo and elevation to oral trial for the crime of “Trafficking in Persons for Sexual and Labor Exploitation and Reduction to Servitude”.

    But earlier this month, another case was added in which he is accused of “Corruption of Minors, Child Pornography and Rape”. The Court of Guarantees No. 3 of Escobar in charge of Judge Luciano Marino and the prosecution of Dr. Alejandro Irigoyen took charge of the complaints filed by former employees, on the crimes of corruption of minors, child pornography and rape.

    The actions against Cabrera were initiated by these former collaborators of the organizations created by the youtuber himself and the “Viral/Wifi Team”. And due to his complicated legal situation, he is prohibited from leaving the country, a measure that left him out of the promoted fight against Marcos “Chino” Maidana in Dubai.

    The cases against the influencer began in October 2020, when the media manager Jorge Zonzini denounced the youtuber in the Federal Court of Campana. Then the criminal complaints of the former employees of “Viral / Wifi Team” were added, Giovanna DeMitole (graphic designer), Mariano Fernandez (influencer) and Joaquin Apesteguia (editor) who worked with Cabrera.

    All of them presented evidence on the systems of multiple scams to children, sexual abuse, corruption and facilitation of prostitution. This was communicated by Zonzini in a tweet:

    At the beginning of the complaints, between 2019 and 2020, Giovanna DeMitoleformer designer of Cabrera, had declared that the influencer “reduced her to servitude” under the conditions of “giving her a place to live and eat.” “I was a slave in the ‘Wifi Mansion’ and Yao was the one who gave the orders of everything that happened there”, Giovanna De Mitole told NOTICIAS earlier this year.

    “I gave him my resume and the next day they picked me up in Constitución by car. At first he went, acted and came back. But once I told them that I had a problem with my mom and They told me that I could stay and live in the mansion”, De Mitole had recounted. The mansion is the house in a private neighborhood of Escobar where the entire Cabrera team lived and produced content.

    On February 8, when the Campana Federal Court summoned him for questioning, the youtuber refused to testify, and his lawyer, Alexander Cipollaalleged that it was all a “media show” staged by Zonzini.

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