THEGlobal Orgasm Day, the World Orgasm Day, is celebrated on July 31st. A concept around which stereotypes are wasted and are almost always far from reality. The first “myth to dispel”? Not only that female and male orgasm are two different things but also that recently women are finally discovering this side of themselvesforgotten not only for many years but even centuries “For a long time, women, unlike men, very often felt guilty about feeling pleasurea condition dictated by society but also by little knowledge of the subject ”he explains Roberta Rossi, psychotherapist and sexologist.

    World Orgasm Day: the differences between women and men

    But what are the main differences between female and male orgasm? «First of all the duration. Male ones tend to be short, come fast, and have explosive sensations. The female discourse is different: to reach orgasm, women need more time, their sensations are more subdued and they are also multiorgasmic, which is not possible in men, “she explains Rossi, author of I come first. Guide to female pleasure and orgasmpublished by Bur.

    But the differences don’t stop there. The male orgasm is very linked to the physical act, if stimulated the sexual organ leads to pleasure; the female discourse is more complex where in addition to taking over the erogenous zones, neck, breast, ears, the emotional and mental involvement should not be underestimated.

    Does everyone reach orgasm?

    A different approach therefore: «To highlight the differences was a study conducted by International Academy of Sex Research on achieving pleasure: the result in fact underlined that the differences are not only at the level of gender but also of sexual orientation “.

    The study has in fact reported that homosexual people almost always reach orgasm, 89% men and 86% women. On the other hand, the case of heterosexual women is different “as the research always reports, in fact, only 65% ​​of women reach orgasm against 95% of men “.

    What is also striking is that, as explained by the women who try pleasure, this is linked not only to sexual activity but also to the whole “contour”, being in a satisfying relationship, talk to your partner about sexual tastes and even fulfill some fantasies. It is no coincidence that, as the sexologist explains, many women are satisfied with their sexual intercourse even if it does not reach its peak.

    Women and orgasm

    However, the relationship between women and sexual life is evolving even if for many of them, about 65%, it is still a taboo both for a question of knowledge and of conscience and mentality. TherapyChat, online psychology platformin fact, highlighted what are the “common blocks” of women that prevent the failure to achieve pleasure to try to eradicate certain taboos.

    «First of all what achieving orgasm shouldn’t be the primary goal of sex. It is crucial, first and foremost, to be able to enjoy a pleasant and consensual act between two people, without feeling overwhelmed by the desire to want to reach the apex at all costs»Explain the experts of the TherapyChat content team led by Maria Mavji, psychologist e Head of Operations who continue: “In this sense, the increasingly growing sex positivity is also coming to our aid today, which places at the center some essential aspects linked to sex and sexual well-being such as knowledge, consent, openness and attention”.

    A relationship different from younger women than instead they have a greater awareness of their own pleasure «They are the benefits of one greater desire for self-knowledge, the discovery of masturbation and even sex toys who cleared the matter, “explains Dr. Rossi.

    Saffron, zinc and maritime pine for sexual supplements

    According to one Ipsos research conducted this year, 65% of Italians use supplements, a percentage that rose in the post-covid era, driven by the idea of ​​protecting one’s health. Some of them have beneficial properties that also affect one’s intimate pleasure.

    These act in fact in two complementary ways, on sexual desire and physical performance. Saffron, Maia extract and Ashwaghanda root, widely used in India, are ingredients that they relax the mind and body so as to put aside thoughts and foster the right mood. Zinc, Maritime Pine but also Ginseng instead intensify the testosterone level thus increasing sexual energy while L-Arginine stimulates muscle development and physical performance.