STRASBOURG (dpa-AFX) – The European Parliament has criticized the death of foreign workers in preparation for the World Cup in Qatar. According to a resolution passed on Thursday, authorities, sports associations and organizers are required to enforce values ​​such as human rights, democracy and the rule of law when awarding future major sports events.

    One was appalled by the decision to ban the “One Love” armbands, which were intended to send a signal against discrimination. In addition, the authorities in Qatar are called on to fully enforce regulations prohibiting torture and ill-treatment and to abolish the criminalization of homosexuality.

    It also reiterates that Parliament’s view remains that corruption within FIFA is widespread, systemic and ingrained. Germany and other EU countries should put pressure on UEFA and FIFA to reform FIFA and award the next World Cups democratically and transparently.

    The world association should also compensate families of dead guest workers and other victims. It also underlined that FIFA awarded Qatar the World Cup without specifying conditions for the protection of migrant workers and without credible allegations of bribery and corruption. However, it is also welcomed that Qatar has initiated reforms to improve the situation of workers.

    German MPs found even clearer words about the World Cup. “From a human rights perspective, this men’s World Cup is a disaster,” said SPD MEP and foreign policy expert Dietmar Köster. The foreign policy spokeswoman for Die Linke in the European Parliament, Özlem Demirel, is critical of the resolution. German and European companies that made profits from the World Cup should be held accountable, she told the German Press Agency.

    Viola von Cramon-Taubadel from the Greens also criticized Parliament’s position. “When it comes to the climate, human rights, homophobia and corruption, other groups find minimal improvements worthy of an award, but they don’t even come close to meeting our basic requirements and standards,” she said, referring to the position of other groups.

    The FDP MEP Jan-Christoph Oetjen emphasized that with the resolution Parliament had made it clear that human rights would apply everywhere. He also said: “The World Cup should never have taken place in Qatar. FIFA urgently needs to reform so that such an embarrassment does not happen again.”

    CDU MP Michael Gahler made it clear: “The host countries must respect human rights at home and must not discriminate against the guests in any way.” These would have to become exclusion criteria./mjm/DP/men