By Manya Gress

    Even Günther Jauch (65) was amazed by this story…

    “Who wants to be a millionaire?” became a consultation hour on Monday evening. Zekihan Büyükyilmaz, who works as a doctor in Hamburg and told the moderator about a patient’s weird sex accident, sat on the council chair. That hurt just to listen.

    The show was the start of Jauch’s three million euro week. Every candidate who earns at least 16,000 euros in the three consecutive shows automatically qualifies for the final on Thursday evening. Then the really big money beckons.

    Buyukyilmaz sat first across from the quiz master. The orthopedist has also treated unusual emergencies in his day-to-day work. Günther Jauch wanted to know exactly and curiously asked. “Are there original ailments that you come to see them with?” In fact, the doctor was able to report a few things.

    “There’s a lot that men seem to like putting in the back and the front,” he chatted out of the box. Jauch’s counterpart listed: “Whether it’s balls or a rose …” Büyükyilmaz can still remember one case well today, said: “If you want to give your wife a special gift for your wedding anniversary, for example, you might have it put a rose in the urethra. It’s hard to get out again, of course.”

    Jauch couldn’t believe his ears when it came to the story. “A rose?” Then his candidate: “Yes, like with the bachelor, so to speak.” The moderator could not explain the idea behind it. Buyukyilmaz helped him along. “She should be in the front. So she was also in front.” The problem: The rose didn’t go out anymore, it got stuck.

    That’s how the doctor came into play. He then referred the poor man to a urologist. In another emergency he was able to help himself. This patient had a plastic ball inserted rectally. Büyükyilmaz: “We got him out with the endoscope. Like with the camera, poke in and let the air out.”

    There are many explanations as to how such awkward situations could have come about. In the case of Jauch, the cinema in his head started straight away. The moderator is amused: “Then they say they slipped in the ball pool.” On his show, things went great for the candidate. In the end he won 32,000 euros and can gamble for three million in the final.