Susan (35): “I don’t fall in love that easily. I think it’s happened four times in my life, but on guys who didn’t even notice me. I’ve never had a real relationship, much to my regret. Just when I thought last year that I might just have to accept that I would remain single forever, Geert crossed my path. I met him at the gym. It was the day he started strength training and cardio. A week later he stopped again. Geert doesn’t like sports, but he likes eating too much. And that’s why he’s quite big. Just say fat.

    Unique experience

    In the first period that Geert and I went out, I didn’t even notice it. I loved him and we could talk for hours. I fell in love with his beautiful green eyes and was delighted to have found someone who is on my level. We kissed for the first time a month ago and it was heavenly. To finally be kissed by a man who likes me as much as I like him is a unique experience.

    Extremely unattractive

    I don’t know how things are going between us though, because to be honest, I don’t really feel like sharing the bed with him. Not that I’m mother’s prettiest, but I’ve always found overweight people extremely unattractive. Now that I’ve met Geert, I feel very sorry for myself that his posture prevents me from being intimate with him, but I really can’t help it.

    Fat belly

    Every time I fantasize about him and how we’re going to have sex, I get stuck with that big belly. Or I imagine us together from a distance and see an unsavory scene. I despise myself for these thoughts, but I don’t know how to banish them. It won’t be long before Geert notices that I have reservations and then the beginning of the end is probably in sight. Unless another miracle happens. Or if he goes on a diet at high speed.”

    August 4, 2022