For a few days the idea of if we know for sure that those who cause punctures to women in discos and parties are men. A classic: women are evil and it’s time to re-victimize those who have suffered it.

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    A few quick notes. One, that we must listen to the victims who have denounced and these, in a good percentage, have referred the presence of a man near them when they felt the puncture. Two, I highly doubt that these young women invent the symptoms they suffer after the puncture but, above all, that they themselves cause this situation when, after the puncture, the party is spoiled. When you’re having a good time, the last thing you want is to feel bad and leave. And three. There are those who are still wondering about the end of punctures, although we have already explained a hundred times the interest in creating fear and expelling women from public space. I remember that in the sexist violence that many women suffer with their partners, every day, you don’t even need to be hit. Just with her presence or with the state of alert in which it makes you live is already violence. In this case it is not necessary to inoculate something. The threat is there and it changes habits. And, on the other hand, there are those who say that “how are so many men going to agree& rdquor ;. They ignore not only social networks but also that machismo is education and that the men who attack do not meet in a meeting from five to eight to coordinate. There’s no need. They have been like this for centuries, in all corners of the world, knowing how to violate women, because that is how they are educated and revalidate their social position.

    Some boast that the girls “go to the party, like I would & rdquor ;, but it turns out that not everyone is like you and there are many circumstances and justified fear is there. All this I write, if you check it, it is putting them in the spotlight and exculpating them. These days I read that the first person responsible for a puncture in Tarragona had been identified. Who was she? Not her. He was a macho man. No, they are not aliens.