Dutch webcam extortionist Aydin C. was found guilty on Saturday by a jury in New Westminster, Canada, on five charges in the case of Amanda Todd, the Canadian teenage girl who took her own life in 2012 after she was extorted online with nude photos. She became world famous as a victim of ‘cyberbullying’ after she expressed her despair in a video on YouTube.

    C. was unanimously found guilty of five charges by the jury: extortion, importing and distributing child pornography, possession of child pornography, communication with the aim of enticing a child, and intimidation. He was not on trial for the death of Amanda Todd.

    The jury took less than two days to reach a verdict, after a two-month trial. The judge will determine his sentence. It is expected that C. will serve an additional prison sentence in the Netherlands.

    Sexual acts

    C., who was arrested in 2014 in a bungalow park in Oisterwijk in North Brabant after a secret police operation, was sentenced in 2017 to more than ten years in prison in the Netherlands for, among other things, digital stalking and extortion of more than thirty young girls and women. four men from different countries. He threatened, among other things, to distribute nude photos if they did not perform sexual acts in front of the webcam. That judgment was upheld on appeal in 2018.

    In 2020, C. was extradited to Canada for charges of extortion from Todd, his most famous victim. Her case was withdrawn from the Dutch trial at Canada’s request.

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    Todd, then 15, committed suicide in 2012, more than a month after expressing her despair in a video on youtube. After her death, Todd gained international fame for that video, a cry for help that was viewed millions of times. She silently told her story with notes describing her experiences. “He knew my address, school, and the names of friends and relatives,” she wrote on one of the leaflets about the man who made her life hell.

    Different usernames

    According to the twelve-member jury, the public prosecutor of the Canadian province of British Columbia has proved that that man was C. He used 22 different usernames on the internet in an “ongoing campaign” of extortion of Todd with nude images, or ‘sextortion’. Via platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Skype, he pressured Todd, who used the online name cutiielover, with saved video images in which she showed her breasts in front of a webcam.

    Under fake names like Daimon Luci, marzattack1, Tomas Coco Pops, whatsthisman11, toddtit and Austin Collins, he threatened to send the images to family members, Facebook friends and Amanda’s school unless she gave him webcam “sex shows”. He did so, resulting in bullying at school. Even after Todd went to another school, the stalker and trouble haunted her.

    C., who also has Turkish nationality, said he was innocent. According to his lawyers, the central issue of the trial was whether C. was the person who sent the messages under the fake names. According to them, the jury had to acquit C. if there ‘reasonable doubt‘ about existed. However, the jury found it proven that C. was the sender of the messages. Evidence that he was behind the fake names was found on hard drives that were seized in the holiday bungalow.

    Thirty witnesses were heard during the trial, including researchers from the Netherlands. Some of them appeared via video link, others came to court in New Westminster, a suburb of Vancouver on Canada’s west coast.