The market-wide S&P500 has so far maintained and defended its round mark of 4,000 points. The 200-day line should now be the next hurdle.

    Up to this point, the Nasdaq still needs some momentum. Despite the two strong days leading up to Thanksgiving yesterday, the technology barometer is still trading lower than its Wall Street benchmark indices. Why is this?

    At the same time, the price of gold corrected somewhat on Wednesday, but is now stabilizing again at the 1,750 mark. We look at the precious metal as well as the oil price WTI. There was significant volatility here, especially on Monday. As a result of a report on OPEC oil production, a new low for the year was marked and revised again a little later. Is this already a support?

    Corresponding brands and regions from the volume profile in NanoTrader were researched and presented.

    There were stronger movements in some technology stocks after quarterly figures from the USA. Cisco Systems made a positive impression, which, after a positive assessment for the year as a whole, was also able to increase its share price. This applied in advance to the JDcom share. But on Wednesday a small consolidation returned to the chart. Where are there interesting areas?

    Directly to Black Friday, the big consumer festival, we discuss the chart picture of Amazon and also of Dollar Tree, which continue to grow and only recently made an all-time high.

    We added a chevron to the discussion about the oil price and finally looked at Tesla. At least a short-term bottom seems to be establishing itself here, where is it and what are the dangers of the flagship company of Elon Musk?

    Roland Jegen and Andreas Bernstein thus analyze several indices, commodities and stocks.

    What can be expected in the future? All insights are available in our video!

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