In the past, the umbrella organization for swimming sports, among others, decided otherwise.

    In Germany, transgender, intersex and non-binary footballers are given the opportunity to choose their own series. AOP

    The German Football Association (DFB) has decided to allow transgender, intersex and non-binary athletes to choose whether to play on men’s or women’s teams.

    The rule change is effective from the beginning of the season and is limited to amateur and junior football leagues as well as futsal. Among other things, the news was reported The Guardian.

    According to the DFB bulletin, the interpretations of the rules have raised questions in the above-mentioned series and alliances.

    – This is something they can welcome to play, DFB Sabine Mammitzsch said.

    According to the rules, transgender people can also continue to play where they have played so far. The use of medication as part of the sex correction process is also permitted during the game season, provided there are no health risks associated with the sport and concomitant medication.

    The DFB’s decision is a significant backlash. Last week, for example, Fiba, the international umbrella organization for swimming, said it was banning transgender women from competing in women’s swimming competitions.

    The international rugby federation ended the same.