Autumn is a wonderful time to get a new favorite scent to brighten up everyday life. Perfumes are a very personal product that literally comes on the skin: therefore, when choosing one, the only expert is you yourself.

    Today, even surprising raw materials smell good in perfumes. Personal fragrances as well as new versions of old, familiar best-selling fragrances are being launched at a furious pace. Currently, unisex fragrances are a big trend and their popularity is growing even more.

    Others like to get fancy with the niche scents of small perfume houses, which are hunted on trips. The options have also grown even more with the selection of international online stores dedicated to the issue.

    Expert tips for choosing a new favorite fragrance?

    So how are you supposed to find your new favorite perfume in this growing scent jungle? In our previous interview, style expert and author Mirva Saukkola gives a few tips on how to choose your new favorite scent.


    Consider when shopping for fragrances:

    1. Take your time and don’t try to smell all the scents at once.

    2. Use the coffee beans available in stores to neutralize the nose between scent tests.

    3. You can guess with the paper notes, but remember: the scent is always individual on your own skin, because it is affected by the skin’s temperature, pH value and hormonal activity, and therefore it would be best to test it on your own skin.

    4. Turn to an expert: a fragrance expert who has experience with your old favorite perfume can advise you on possible new favorite scents of the same type that have the same characteristics as your old favorite.

    5. Trust your own taste! A fragrance is very personal and must please you and no one else

    Mirva Saukkola especially urges to approach fragrances with an open mind and to forget the hunt for the one and only, your own signature scent.

    – Sometimes, of course, you can find a scent already at a young age that you love even as an elderly lady. I think the effort to find your own scent forever is unnecessarily serious. People and preferences change, and few always wear make-up or dress the same way. I think fragrances are also meant to be fun, reminds Saukkola.

    Others, on the other hand, try to find a few scents that please them separately for everyday life and parties, and which can then be varied according to one’s own mood and the nature of the occasion.

    The delivery smelled of autumn novelty perfumes. Would you find a new favorite among these?

    A modern floral fragrance from the Italian house Gucci. As the name suggests, the perfume’s Heart Scent is built around jasmine, and otherwise it smells like tangy mandarin, bergamot and patchouli. A new favorite! 77.50 e, Sokos.

    The playful and delicious Paco Rabanne Fame new fragrance features mango and bergamot as well as jasmine and vanilla, among others. A cool scent, which is complemented by a bottle folded into the shape of a funny character. The refillable product is made in France. A perfect decoration for your desk to brighten up your office days! 110.80 e, Kicks.

    The Japanese house’s Kenzon Bamboo Intense men’s fragrance has a refined leather and at the same time fresh marine fragrance world. In addition to spices, the scent includes fig, vetiver and patchouli. 53.95 e, Eleven.

    The Crystal Saffron fragrance from the French perfume house has a spicy, musky and sophisticated tone. The luxurious new fragrance is civilized and warm. This new perfume will be launched in October 2023: you should mark the release date on your calendar. 195 Matiere Premiere.

    The new fragrance Paradoxe from the Italian house Prada is packaged in a triangular bottle that repeats the brand’s logo. A flowery, but luxuriously fresh world of fragrances intoxicates you in an instant. The base of the refillable perfume is a more ecological, biomodified ambergris obtained naturally from sugarcane. 95 e, Stockmann.

    The modern men’s fragrance of the Italian fashion house Valentino features the scents of sage, violet leaves and vetiver combined with salt and spicy ginger. A surprising but functional scent! 70 e, Valentino.

    An exciting, one-ingredient anti-perfume. The mysterious and interesting perfume develops on the skin, so it is a completely individual scent for everyone. The Cetalox element normally used in the base of fragrances is the only ingredient in this perfume. On the tester’s skin, the scent became refined, pleasant and not overpowering at all. Also suitable for allergy sufferers. An interesting, new acquaintance! 120 euros, Juliette has a gun.

    A fresh and lively new fragrance from the American beauty house Elizabeth Arden, with the scent of a sophisticated floral world. As the name suggests, the heart note of the perfume is white tea, which is complemented by, among other things, a fine blend of musk, mandarin and mate absolute. A plus for the more affordable price range of a product suitable as a charming everyday scent. 29.95 e,

    A vegan citrus scent with mint, jasmine, cedar and cloves in addition to lemon and orange. The energetic perfume is suitable for lovers of fresh scents. Made in France, the fragrance contains 98 percent natural ingredients. 49.90 e, Jolie.

    Product images: manufacturers.