In the middle of a mess due to the undesired effects of the ‘only yes is yes’ law, between accusations of machismo and acusical laments of I-already-told-you-so, with dozens of lawyers greasing resources and the alarm installed in society, the philosopher Clara Serra remember that the law has been criticized by numerous feminists and members of the progressive judiciary because it implies an “increase in punitiveness and supposes an expansion of criminal behavior: it toughens previous penalties and introduces punishments that did not exist before& rdquor ;. And adds: “No protection of women depends on the harshness of the sentences & rdquor ;. Faced with the shock over the reduction in minimum sentences, Serra denounces the increase in others and, above all, the punitive environment created around the law.

    Beyond the (d)effects of the legal wording of ‘only yes is yes’, it is enough to walk through the networks to palpate the punishing climate. Demanding high penalties for criminal behavior is a human impulse, but finding ways to repair the damage caused, putting the victim at the center of justice and delving into the reinsertion of the delinquent is a civic necessity.

    The number of complaints for sexual assault continues to increase. Multiple factors are pointed out: from a very high increase in alcohol and drug use to the increase of pornographic viewing that objectifies women and, of course, a rearmament of ideological machismo. Nor can the existence of underdiagnosed pathologies. It is evident that crimes must be punished, but reinsertion measures must also be deepened and, above all, in the pedagogy.

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    There is something disturbing in those voices that only demand a strong hand, while they fall into the constant re-victimization of the assaulted woman. A man who is robbed with extreme violence will be encouraged to move on from the aggression. A raped woman is supposed to have an indelible trauma. As if that aggression marked her, she defined her. Perpetual victims… and eternal aggressors.

    In front of castle of the martyred woman the barbarian, invader and perverse man who insists on penetrating the fortress of virtue. It is a recurring image, which we also observe in part of the discourse against the trans law, which denigrates trans women, considering them men who only seek to humiliate or rape women. In the end, a man always guilty and incurable. And an image that does not stop delve into the macho conception of society. food for the victimist discourse of the extreme right.