Two movie stars confronted, two versions of the facts and a scandalous media trial Hollywood are the ingredients that arouse interest for “Johnny vs. Amber: The Last Judgment”. The documentary series, after its successful passage through the signal Discoveryis already available on the platform hbo max.

    In two episodes, the actor from the saga of “Pirates of the Caribbean” and the actress will be the protagonists of the legal process that put the world of cinema in check. With intimate access to attorneys, legal experts and journalists, the series offers a forensic account of the key evidence and turning points in the case, allowing viewers to come to their own conclusions.

    Each chapter details the most controversial aspects of the investigation, from the point of view of the parties. At the beginning, the past of Deep, detailing his abusive childhood and drug dependency. The focus will be on the work of the lawyers to prove that the actor was a victim of domestic abuse. The series also includes behind-the-scenes footage, revealing in detail the struggles within the marriage.

    Amber Heard

    In contrast, the story of heard, including his detailed description of the alleged sexual assault, constitutes the second part of the series. Before the eyes of the world, the actress describes in detail the alleged sexual assault. And she also discusses the story behind the memes and social media attacks against her.

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