09/29/2022 at 17:53


    The PNV asks to create a subcommission to analyze in depth the reality of prostitution before legislating

    “The persecution of pimping in all its versions is also our goal and I encourage you not to let yourself be pressured by anything or anyone.” With these words, the PP has transmitted to the PSOE that it will be its travel companion to approve its bill to punish anyone who forces another person to engage in prostitution. The Socialists will count on their main rival to carry out one of their great battles, which not only do they not share but also reject their investiture partners.

    Complex debate on prostitution, your honor knows it. Abolition versus regulation and all the shades between them. Feminism has been addressing it for decades without reaching a consensus, but in Congress they have been entangled in it for months: first due to the processing of the law that guarantees comprehensive sexual freedom – whose content on sexual exploitation was about to shipwreck it, and now by the will of the PSOE to reform the Penal Code to punish all kinds of pimping, locative third party and fine the johns.

    ERC, PNV, JxCAT, Cs and the CUP are scared by this formula of “punitive abolitionism”not even in United We Can see it with good eyes, particularly in Comú Podem, as was evidenced again this Thursday in the Congress of Deputies, whose plenary session has debated an amendment to the entire socialist text presented by the CUP with content alternative aimed at regulating “sex work”.

    The members of the investiture have celebrated that the CUP has put on the table a position radically different from that proposed by the PSOE, which they consider excessive in criminal matters while limiting the guarantee of the rights of women who are in contexts of prostitution and dangerous due to the risk of placing them in spaces of greater vulnerability and exploitation.

    The GNP, which has historically demanded a calm and in-depth debate before regulating prostitution, has proposed creating a specific subcommission to analyze the reality with data and appearances of affected people to make a “true and consistent” diagnosis that allows legislating accordingly from a global perspective. and not closed only to the punitive”. “Whoever says that there is nothing more to talk about, maintains an intransigent, stubborn and fundamentalist position and, above all, is detrimental to protecting women”, warned the deputy Joseba Andoni Agirretxea.

    But the socialists have the PP by their side so that this company comes to fruition: the BOE. This law is a priority for the PSOE, not so much from which bench the support to approve it comes from. This afternoon, the parliamentary group has had the first sign that the popular will become partners in this trip. The deputy Miguel Ángel Jerez has advanced it by confirming that the persecution of pimping is the objective of the PP.

    Not everything can be bought or sold. (…) This debate is about human rights, equality, dignity, sexual freedom and the fight against pimping,” he said, asking the PSOE to resist pressure, expressly mentioning those that could come from the Equality Minister.

    From the PSOE, the deputy Laura Berja replied that pimping violates human rights and is an “unacceptable aberration in democracy”that prostitution is not a job because “there is no employment relationship in the sexual exploitation of women” and that the socialist proposal is very clear: “Today we vote for or against pimping, period. And those who vote in favor they will be publicly whitewashing pimping and the entire pimping industry (…) We have no doubt that it is the proposal that a worthy democracy like ours needs, which cannot continue to look the other way on an issue that so clearly affects human rights”.

    harsh criticism

    Front of palpable harmony between PP Y PSOE, many groups have denounced that the proposal put forward by the socialists will not end prostitution, but quite the opposite, persecute women, increase their vulnerability and precariousness, stigmatize them and place them in contexts of risk.

    Mireia Vehí, defender of the amendment of the cup -supported, among others, by En Comú Podem, Cs and ERC-, has ensured that the socialist proposal will also contribute to prosecuting women who engage in prostitution voluntarily, confusing trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation with prostitution. She has criticized his “abolitionism for electoral purposes” which is not “honest, she has said, in which essential aspects such as the repeal of the immigration law and the access of prostituted women to universal basic income are not considered.

    The PNV deputy has asserted that criminalization is not the way to go and that we must avoid raising a moral debate rather than a political one: “Not everything we don’t like, what we think is immoral, objectionable or even negative for society It must be in the Penal Code”.

    Supporter of regulating sex work, cs has demanded that the PSOE take the anti-trafficking law to Congress and stop “moralizing”: “They agree with the PP and Vox by sharing a paternalistic and conservative view of women’s bodies,” Sara Giménez has stressed .

    Bald Pillar (JxCAT) has warned that in those countries where prohibitionism has been advocated, women have been forced into greater insecurity and secrecy, to be victims of robberies and assaults and to fall into the hands of mafias. “Focus on the fight against sexual exploitation and trafficking,” the deputy has requested.

    In the same sense, from CKDPilar Vallugera has asked the PSOE if they have noticed the lives that they are going to destroy with their law and how it is going to increase their stigma. Her text, she snapped at the Socialists, “is a very tough starting point to reach an agreement.”

    This Thursday the text proposed by the CUP is rejected, so the PSOE proposal will continue its parliamentary process in Commission, where the amendments of the different groups will be debated.

    UPa member of the PSOE Government, wanted to make it clear that there is a material abolitionism that is not prohibitionist, but rather is committed to guaranteeing rights and offering vital alternatives to prostituted women: “Prohibiting without giving access to material conditions is as unfeasible as it is cruel “, “institutional cynicism”, said Sofía Fernández-Castañón, who has asked to return to a wording of broad consensus that allows reconciling the fight against the impunity of pimps and providing the necessary material conditions so that women can leave prostitution.

    The PSOE proposal

    The legal proposal of the PSOE was born within the law of only yes is yes. With a majority of Congress rejecting his wording of criminal pimping, he decided to take it on a solo bill.

    Its text contains a single article to modify the Criminal Code to combat all types of pimping, since currently it is required that there be exploitation or mistreatment of prostituted women to punish the pimp: in the proposed wording, any form of of obtaining profit from the prostitution of others and it is intended to increase the penalties imposed.

    Punishment is introduced to anyone who profit motive, promotes, favors or facilitates the prostitution of another person, even with their consent. Anyone who profits from allocating a property or any other space for another person to engage in prostitution, even with her consent, is also punished with prison.

    And it establishes that the whoremonger will be fined. “Agree acts of a sexual nature in exchange for money or other type of provision of economic content” will be fined from 12 to 24 months.