Aldo Cazzullo (photo by Carlo Furgeri Gilbert).

    C.i are some men who understand almost immediately if a woman is interested in them or not.

    And there are other men, more focused on themselves than on those around them, who confuse female exuberance, the will to live, the willingness to converse, to go out, to smile, with an interest in their own person.

    It is a misunderstanding that in the normality of ordinary lives can generate at most some ugly figure; and here too men are different from each other, there are those who do not care about being rejected and those who remain very badly to us (I remember a friend of his youth: he spent every evening squirming in front of the girls in the disco; almost all of them had their backs to him, which left him completely indifferent; also because one who was also beginning to squirm always found her, and at that point he had turned the evening).

    Sometimes, however, the misunderstanding of confusing exuberance with sexual availability transcends into aggression and violence. And on this we must be very firm, in courtrooms as in public discussion: a no is a no, pronounced in any circumstance, even the most intimate.

    Seduction is not always an encounter, sometimes it is one will that prevails over another, and here the nuances that are the complexity of life come into play, but – better to repeat it – a no is always a no.

    Then, of course, better groped to avoid intimacy when you are unsure. But really the narcissistic man must take care not to confuse and not to confuse a cheerful evening with the beginning of a love story. Maybe it will be the time that the love story really begins.

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