Kasper van Kooten and guitarist Frank Stukker in ‘Van Kooten and the beat’Image Karen van Gilst

    As a little boy, Kasper van Kooten knew for sure that he wanted to be a musician. And preferably the drummer of the band, he decided after meeting Doe Maar drummer Jan Pijnenburg. That was of course a privilege, that the band Doe Maar just came across the floor at home. But yes, Kasper lived with the alderman of Juinen – a nice reference to the character of his famous father Kees van Kooten.

    The drum set is prominent on stage in this solo performance. With photos and videos, Van Kooten (50) talks about his lifelong urge to end up in a band or to set up one again and again, whatever stage of life he is in. The presence of guitarist Frank Stukker is a welcome addition, which ensures beautiful musical moments. A Fleetwood Mac classic with a wonderful drum rhythm is played, but also an Acda and De Munnik hit from the years when Kasper was the drummer there and could play for large concert halls. Own songs are also featured, such as the funky Beautiful shirt or a song Hard nutsthe strong album he made in 2013 with singer-songwriter Bertolf.

    The musical biography is entertaining and told with pleasant humor, even if the middle part is rather tedious due to the linear narrative structure of ‘and then and then and then’. Not all personal subjects from Kasper’s life are immediately of interest to the public. This piece could have been shortened better. The ending is more interesting, when Kasper – thanks to his therapist – ventures into a candid analysis of the relationship with his father Kees. Strict, compelling, wanting to determine the rhythm: these are qualities that keep recurring in the Van Kooten family.

    Van Kooten and the beat



    By Kasper van Kooten.

    24/11, Theater De Muze, Noordwijk. Tour until 12/5.