Blonde, about Marilyn Monroe, has caused an avalanche of criticism because of the scenes it contains.

    Ana de Armas plays Marilyn Monroe in the Netflix movie Blonde. PDO

    A biographical film about Marilyn Monroe Blonde has received a lot of criticism for the scenes it contains.

    Blonde was released on streaming service Netflix on September 28.

    Criticism has been aimed, among other things, at how Monroe’s life is presented in the film. In the United States, the film is prohibited for children under 17 years of age. In the rest of the world, the classification typically corresponds to a K18 film.

    There are several imagined scenes in the film. Especially the scene about the former US president John F. Kennedy has been criticized for going too far.

    Monroe and Kennedy were rumored to have had an affair in the 1960s.

    In a scene towards the end of the film, Monroe is drugged and taken to a character called the President. The figure has been said to bear a striking resemblance to President Kennedy in appearance. In the scene, the character forces Monroe to have sex with him. Apparently, the rape did not happen.

    The film has also been criticized by the Planned Parenthood organization. The organization released a statement accusing the film of anti-abortion propaganda. One of the organization’s main goals is to guarantee abortions.

    In the film, Monroe is forced into two illegal abortions. In one scene, Monroe talks to an unborn fetus. The fetus asks Monroe if she is going to hurt it.

    According to Planned Parenthood, having a seizure can even be harmful. The organization says the scene reinforces the false message that the fetus is a full-grown baby.

    In June, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned the Roe v. Wade precedent, which has previously secured universal abortion rights in the United States.

    – Movies and television shape the understanding of sexual and reproductive health. It is extremely important that these descriptions are accurate and that they reflect the actual decisions and experiences of women. Abortion is a safe, necessary part of health care, but abortion opponents have long increased the stigma of abortion with medically inaccurate descriptions of fetuses and pregnancy, the organization argued.

    You will be seen in the lead role of the movie Blonde Ana de Armas.

    Source: Variety, Independent