The metamorphosis of the Tres Xemeneies del Paral·lel gardens to try to contain insecurity

The large bottles and the noise they tend to bother those living in the neighborhood of the Park of the Three Xemeneies from Paral·lel, in Barcelona. Waiting for the uninhabited industrial complex to be redone from the summer of 2024 to reopen with Offices and public facilities towards the end of 2025, the City hall tries to stop the deterioration that has been taking over the gardens. The palliative that the consistory devises as a prelude to the remodeling of the enclosure consists of subjecting the square to a facelift, getting rid of furniture damaged and redecorate it so that it becomes a “reference” sports circuit. The underlying objective is for the residents to retake the rather bleak place, which serves as an improvised outdoor party room.

At least that is the claim that inspires the project of the consistory, which emerges from a participatory process in which the neighbors were given a turn to identify the defects of the gardens. The plans indicate that the “main action & rdquor; of the reform will be construction of a track of basketball In the center of the esplanade, in a space for now “hidden behind the wall”, they describe.

The court will cover part of the land occupied by 16 benches, which will be uprooted. They will replace seats of concrete. The battered concrete walls facing the street will also be removed. Paral·lel avenue. Like pieces that move on a board, six more benches will be relieved and another five new ones will be installed, as well as 20 chairs. The seats, like the picnic tables, will be relocated “further away from the facades of houses & rdquor; to “avoid problems associated with nocturnal noise & rdquor ;, indicates the town hall.

In addition, the walls located in the middle of the square, referents of urban art in Barcelona. The graffiti artists They have given meaning to the walls, which the city council believes is “essential& rdquor; that they disappear so that the park opens up diaphanous to the neighbors and they frequent it as a place of transit. As compensation, another wall will be reserved for the artists they decorate it within the surface to be rehabilitated, of 10,290 square meters.

The works in the gardens -budgeted at 366,171.87 euros- should begin at the end of next October and last about four months, the consistory specifies. He Executive Project He catalogs it as a “punctual improvement & rdquor; to “dignify the area& rdquor; and transform it into a “friendly stay space& rdquor; for the neighbors. “The spaces of the Tres Xemeneies gardens present various issues related to the unsafety, the lack of inclusiveness and degradation& rdquor;, acknowledges the city council, which adds that the improvement aims to “reorient& rdquor; the inertia that seizes the park and attract “a broader and more diverse public & rdquor ;.

patent deterioration

The council’s analysis admits that the pavement and the furniture urban areas are “quite degraded & rdquor ;. “The gardens of the Tres Xemeneies are one of the spaces with the greatest pressure of activity in the city& rdquor ;, he adds. In addition, concern about crime in the square has taken root in the immediate vicinity. The plans have been drawn up on the basis that they must “eliminate barriers architectural & rdquor; and “avoid hidden and inconspicuous areas & rdquor ;.

The purpose will be achieved by demolishing the walls taken over by the graffiti. In any case, a part will be maintained, the one that covers some ventilation vents of a garage underground, although with the height lowered to that of a bank. It will also drop a kiosk of concrete, which “generates a problematic space& rdquor; and “makes it impossible to place scenes & rdquor; in the celebrations of the neighborhood, argues the plan. The metal portico in the center of the plain will also be demolished, “without any use,” says the council. Five worn out picnic tables will be removed and replacement is ruled out.

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In turn, the city council hopes that the square connects the Raval, Paral·lel and Poble-sec. He does not give up on keeping the pull that he enjoys among the ‘skaters’. In turn, he conceives that the new basketball court acts as an “articulating element & rdquor ;. It will replace a solitary basket that stands in the park and will allow “redistributing the space, without generating volumes or barriers,” he stresses. Around the field, the installation of a “gym outdoors & rdquor ;, place some new tables of table tennis and some signs on the pavement that “create circuits” to exercise.

The consistory maintains that the plan is impregnated with “a certain degree of temporality awaiting the resolution of a more far-reaching urban operation& rdquor; of the buildings of the Three Xemeneies. The municipal government of the mayoress Ada Colau and the majority owner, Conren Tramway, they brushed off the negotiations to seal an agreement last February. Once endorsed, it is granted that the owner sell offices in a 20,000-square-meter building so that the city can ensure compensations valued at 11.2 million, including a new headquarters for the Barcelona Emergency Operational Coordination Center (Cecor).