Between the dynamics of the robbers and the large contingent of hostages, the series is distinctly choral. But only a handful of characters emerge as key figures (excluding a couple that we omit to avoid spoilers).

    The paper house: Korea: the guide to characters and actors

    The professor

    He interprets it Yoo Ji-Tae; actor cast from the cult film of Park Chan-wook, Old Boy. He is the puppeteer with an infallible strategy, an unsuspected white-collared, calm, of few words and gigantic ambitions, the mysterious figure who devises the plan to carry out the robbery of the century. Armed with a meticulous plan that takes into account infinite variables – from the more or less predictable reactions of the hostages to the counter-moves of the police forces – and a group of excellent collaborators in their respective specializations, has an ace up his sleeve which pops up at one point with great fanfare.

    In everyday life adopt convincing cover as a bar owner called – with a quote from the original Spanish – Hello beautiful.

    Yoo Ji-tae (The Professor). (Netflix)

    Sun Woo-jin

    She is the inspector to whom she was entrusted the mission of mediating relations with the Professor and, secretly, unmask him. She is a woman of almost supernatural intuition, diplomatic and shrewd, but oppressed by a thorny divorce case with a politician of low moral stature. Wary and wary of new romantic relationships, Woo-jin manages to maintain her lucidity despite her ex-husband’s shadow hanging over her career.

    In charge he has a mother who shows the first signs of dementia, and a daughter, disputed with her husband. A stressful life, made worse by strategic confrontations with the Professor, and by discussions with colleague Cha. She has the face of Kim Yunjinwell-known bilingual actress for playing Sun in the cult series Lost.

    The Korea paper house who are the characters actors netflix

    Kim Yunjin (Seon Woojin). (Netflix)


    Surviving a consummate youth in the ranks of the North Korean army, Tokyo welcomed the prospect of rebuilding a life in the South with infinite hope. Victim of bitter disappointment, desperate and alone, he met the Professor at a crucial moment in his life. Militarily prepared but devoid of the war fanaticism of many colleagues, Tokyo is the diplomat of the group, and she has a soft heart. She lacks cynicism and malice, despite her being the youngest (along with Rio) has a leadership instinct. He interprets it Jeon Jong-seo28-year-old actress launched by Burning – Love burnsfilm presented at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival and inspired by a story by Haruki Murakami.

    The Korea paper house who are the characters actors netflix

    Jeon Jong-seo (Tokyo). (Netflix)


    The most Machiavellian and controversial character in the series. North Korean, raised in the violent and terrifying environment of a gulag, has developed an incurable distrust of everything and everyone. His only way of establishing a relationship with others it is through control and manipulation. He is not afraid of dying – perhaps because the time available to him is very short – and even less of killing. A born leader, he follows inscrutable personal purposes. It is the other side of the coin with the effigy of Tokyo on one side, a cynical and lonely man who prides himself on having nothing to lose and is likely to transform the Professor’s peaceful and non-violent robbery into a massacre.

    He interprets it Park Hae-Soothe “traitor” Cho Sang-woo of Squid Game.

    The Korea paper house

    Park Hae-soo (Berlin). (Netflix)


    Miner with decades of experience, is able to dig a way out “anywhere”. He is also the father, overprotective and full of remorseof Denver – who grew up alone – for whom he dreamed a life as a good person and to which he dedicated his entire adult existence. She aspires to share a peaceful, crime-free life with her son. She spends most of her time a find an escape route for his companions, despite a bad heart. He is the most peaceful and compliant of the gang, and also the oldest. In his shoes there is Lee Won-Jonglaunched at the beginning of the New Millennium by the unreleased k-drama Rustic Period.

    Lee Won-Jong (Moscow). (Netflix)


    Denver has not yet turned thirty but it already boasts a long criminal career as a member of a gang and as a martial arts champion on the illegal dating circuit. He grew up without a mother, surrounded by the affection of Moscow, with whom he has a conflicted but solid relationship. It is deeply naive and, although we weren’t awake, he always managed to get out of ambushes and assaults alive. Denver is a hothead but also the most selfless and caring of the gang. In the course of the robbery he sets up a very close relationship with a young woman hostage. The actor who plays him is Kim Ji-hun, launched on the side of the villain of the k-drama Flower of Evil and elected at home one of the sexiest actors in the country.

    Perhaps it will also become so for us: in The paper house: Korea any excuse is good to take off his clothes (all clothes).

    the paper house korea denver

    Kim Ji-hun (Denver). (Netflix)

    Cha Moo-hyeok

    North Korean soldier, is the more hasty counterpart of Woo-jin, the mediator who prefers to try to suppress the robbery with violent methods even at the expense of the safety of the hostages. He is however an individual correct and all in all fair, animated by a sense of justice and loyalty to his country. He interprets it Kim Sung-Oh, a real milestone in Korean cinema. In the cast of some of the fundamental films of the cinematography of Hallyu (the Korean nouvelle vague) as A Bittersweet Life And The Man from Nowhereis also a good comedian as seen in Netflix’s k-drama A Korean Odyssey.


    Scammer with a bold and provocative attitude, she is considered a chronic liar due to her habit of bragging about participation in the most talked about crimes. In fact, Nairobi is truly a maximum expert on everything related to counterfeiting and scams. She is also the kind of person I am always chooses to side with the winners, and this is a trait of his personality that is not particularly popular in Tokyo. Yet they may be destined to become good friends. The role was entrusted to Jang Yoon-Juwhich does not include a dense filmography – it was in the famous detective story Veteran -, and which, however, boasts a long career as a model, singer and presenter.

    Jang Yoon-ju (Nairobi). (Netflix)


    Little more than a teenager, Rio comes from a very rich family and has a dysfunctional relationship with his father. He is such a good hacker that law enforcement has never been able to locate him but he is also an extremely insecure young man who agreed to participate in the robbery to be next to Tokyo, which he is infatuated with. His interpreter Lee Hyun-woo he began acting in childhood, reaping roles in hugely successful films in Asia such as the unsettling one Secretly Greatlythe heist movie The Con Artists and in The Great Queen Seondeokone of the most viewed dramas in the history of Korean television.

    Lee Hyun-woo (Rio). (Netflix)

    Helsinki and Oslo

    The gang guards, little or nothing is known about these two, except that they are Korean Yanbian weapons and explosives experts, who with their massive physique look a lot alike and who are only loyal to Berlin. They wear their clothes Kim Ji-hoon and Lee Kyu-Horespectively seen in the action Fabricated City and in the detective story A Violent Prosecutor.