The selection of vegetable sausages expands from summer to summer, and so does their quality.

    Vegetable sausages can already be found in a fairly wide selection in stores. Adobe Stock / AOP, Tuuli Lindgren

    In the evening sausage test in Iltalehti, several veggie alternatives were found, which were also enjoyed by mixed eaters. The victory of the blind tasting was taken by Makuliiha’s vegetable bag, which was highly praised for its taste and composition.

    Second place went to Meeat’s Provence Sausage, whose spiciness impressed the jury. The third best score went to the Bratna Women’s Bar with four different peppers.

    The jury scored the sausages on a scale of 1 to 10. The sausages were grilled on a charcoal grill, and the jury did not know what sausage they were tasting at any given time.



    Merja55: “I eat veggies every now and then, I don’t eat red meat. I like tasty and good-textured sausages.”

    Timo62: “Everything tastes good.”

    Peter51: “I’m a big consumer of sausages. I mostly eat spicy and hot sausages.”

    Hanna-Mari37: “I eat a lot of sausage in the summer. The spicy lamb sausage is my own favorite, topped with sweet mustard.”

    Marina42: “In the summer, you should eat a variety of sausages from basic sausages to chorizo. I’ve never tasted vegan sausages before.”

    1. Taste Vegetable vegetable bag

    Score 8.5

    – Tasty and sturdy structure. No need for side dishes, really tasty!

    – Good taste and good spices.

    – Sturdy, good texture. Pleasant spiciness. Maybe a little too peppery. Looks good.

    – A hint of heat.

    2. Meeat Provence Sausage

    Score 8

    – Chorizon-looking, very tasty, tomato. With its fiery adult taste.

    – Very spicy sausage. Pleasant composition. The shell was quite elastic and the fork did not want to go through.

    – Fiery taste, I did not like the composition.

    – Meaty taste!

    3. Pornaisten Bar 4 pepper Bratari

    Score 7

    – Herbal, mildly fiery. Tastes good!

    – Herbal sausage.

    – Taste pretty bitter, a little burning. Tastes floury.

    – The spices come out clearly.

    – Plenty of heat, especially at the end.

    4. Taste Vegetable sausage from the kitchen

    Score 6.5

    – Greasy, mild, good taste!

    – The appearance is pleasing to the eye. The composition goes well with the mug. Spices well.

    – Appropriately fiery, the carnivore is left with a little too “vegetable taste”.

    – Rubber composition.

    – Pretty good.

    5. Peas of Heaven Princess Hat

    Score 6.5

    – Sticky texture, as well as appearance. The taste was not tinged.

    – Like eating meatballs. Stays well together. This would probably be in the minds of children.

    – Strange taste, perhaps most vegen-like.

    – Ok vegenakki.

    6. Pirkka Vegenakki

    Score 6

    – The most attractive in appearance, but the taste is leady.

    – Appearance ok. The composition is special. Not very spicy. It tastes more greasy than others.

    – It’s going.

    7. Hälsans Kök Sensational Chorizo

    Score 6

    – Nice appearance, taste ok.

    – Spices nicely.

    – Quite basic, it tastes good.

    8. Other grilled sausages

    Score 6

    – Vegetable flavored.

    – Traditional, would go well with mustard. Composition slightly loose. Not very spicy.

    – Light and quite tasteless.

    – Pretty good.

    – Slightly stale, sandy mouthfeel.

    9. Viner Chorizo ​​Grilleri

    Score 5.5

    – Salty, just fine.

    – Tight, pretty good.

    – Hard to describe, pleasant to look at and good structure. However, the taste is neutral, not surprising.

    – Slightly sticky texture. The taste is floury.

    10. Bon Vegan Vegetable Sneaker

    Score 5

    – Lead.

    – Pretty normal. There should have been more flavor. Even composition.

    – Fixed structure. Mild, can’t remember.

    – Lightly seasoned, easy to eat.

    11. Vöner Original Grilleri

    Score 4

    – Appearance different, yellowish in color. The composition is granular. No further, this clearly vege.

    – Dry. Very special taste and appearance. Should not be eaten a second time.

    – The most surprising taste of the bunch, like a spicy carrot box in a good way.

    – I wouldn’t buy for myself.