The Galician actor Chete Lara (Pontevedra, 1949) has died in a traffic accident when his vehicle fell down a drop of about fifty meters in the municipality malagueño from Rincon de la Victoria. His resume includes movies like ‘the red squirrelby Julio Medem, YOpen your eyes’, by Alejandro Amenábar. She had recently participated in ‘Look at what you’ve done’, Berto Romero’s comedy in which she played his father.

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    Lera was the driver and sole occupant of the car that fell off the cliff yesterday at 6:50 p.m. on a road in Rincón de la Victoriaand fell down a drop of around 50 meters to a plantation, as reported by Civil Protection.

    Several colleagues, as well as institutions, have fired the actor on social networks.