THEthe theme of rights of children and adolescents it was only marginally addressed during the political debate. This is the accusation that Telephone Azzurro ago to politics a few hours after the vote.

    World Children's Rights Day: why it is celebrated and what principles inspire it

    Telefono Azzurro: let the children return to the center

    The non-profit organization that has been dealing with well-being for 35 years and children, promoting a culture that respects and values ​​their potentiallaunches an appeal to the parties to join the “Manifesto for Childhood and Adolescence“.

    A document that intends to provide the institutions with the indication of a series of actions necessary to develop effective strategies for childhood and adolescence.

    The non-profit organization that has been dealing with well-being and children for 35 years launches an appeal to the parties to join the “Manifesto for Childhood and Adolescence” (Screenshot official website)

    Promote #childparticipation

    “There #childparticipationthat is the participation of children and adolescents in decision-making processeshas become an essential element in major European policies, and should also be present in future national political agendas »writes the association on its Facebook profile.

    «We ask political decision makers to give space to their voicesto optimize and evaluate the generational impact of laws and measures, and to be #Allfrom thepartyofchildren!“.

    Telefono Azzurro: we listen to the little ones

    Children are the first subjects we must protect and listen to, as Professor Ernesto Caffo, president of Telefono Azzurro has explained several times, because it is precisely listening that has made it possible to understand their needssuch as preventing and combating abuse, bullying and cyberbullying.

    But also the support and protection of children affected by dramas and tragedies, such as the war in Ukraine. But to help them, this theme must become a shared theme at the political level putting in place new models of intervention.

    A Manifesto for Childhood and Adolescence

    The fundamental points of the “Manifesto for Childhood and Adolescence” are undoubtedly supporting the strengthening and advertising of listening lines for children and adolescents.

    Then raise awareness on the problems and the consequences of abuse and violence against children and adolescents. And develop prevention strategies and measures dedicated to childhood and adolescence.

    Therefore invest in the development of age verification systems on digital devices. Strengthen actions and update strategies to combat the creation, dissemination and dissemination of the Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM).

    And also involve all stakeholders in reporting and the timely removal of illegal or harmful material for children and adolescents.

    Collaborating with the scientific and academic community is essential on the topic of mental health. But no less important ensure respect for inalienable rights of children and adolescents in any situation.

    And promote participation and involvement active of children and adolescents in decision-making processes.

    And finally, encourage the establishment of an ad hoc Ministry for Childhood and Adolescence.