Teemu Puki’s goal was not enough to win.

    Teemu Pukki finished his national team career with the 36th goal in the Romanian net. Jussi Eskola

    Teemu Pukki was the first to step in front of the press after the Romania tie. The Norwich striker scored Finland’s goal in the national match that ended 1-1, but the joy it brought had long since faded from the Kotka player’s face.

    – Fairly even in terms of goals, either of them could have won. The beginning of the second half was bad for us. For some reason, we stayed in the booth a bit, and Romania was still allowed to draw, Pukki started his own analysis.

    – At the end, there were still good chances to win this game, but it didn’t sink in, he pointed out by Benjamin Källman and Kairinen too situations.

    A draw means that Finland’s survival in the B level of the Nations League will depend on the last round. Huuhkajat will travel to Montenegro, where an away win would even elevate the team to second place in the group.

    A loss or a draw would allow Finland to drop into the C-League.

    – We still want to be in the B-league. It may be that we are required to make a profit. You have to apply for it, Pukki said.

    The attacker scored his 36th goal of his national team career on Friday.

    Glen ( Rind) first tried to pass, but it was cut off. The ball wentFor luck (Under oath), which gave a good side pass. The bet went quite well.

    – I was surprised myself how well the bet went.

    Nevertheless, Pukki was not satisfied with his performance.

    – I guess it’s the only place for me. I was out of the game and didn’t get the balls.

    – I can’t say what caused it. We lost too many duels up top. We weren’t awake enough.