Fraud of 5.2 million euros, guilty of negligence and not of voluntary evasion (if the penalty would have been more serious). The lawyer asks for social services. The sentence is 14 months. The Norwegian will also have to pay a fine of 520 thousand euros

    A new chapter in a personal history full of controversies. The latest is the sentence issued this morning by the Oslo Tribunal, which sentenced John Carew to 14 months’ imprisonment and to pay a fine of 520,000 euros (10% of the amount due) for serious tax evasion. In fact, the former Roma footballer defrauded the tax authorities for a total of 5.2 million euros. The verdict was welcomed by Carew’s lawyers, as the judges ruled that the crime was not committed intentionally and charged him with gross negligence alone, unlike what prosecutors claimed. “For the evidence presented, according to the court there is nothing to support the voluntary nature of the criminal actions” reads the sentence. The prosecution’s request was for two years’ imprisonment, the defense aimed only at a fine and socially useful jobs. It is not yet clear whether there will be a second instance appeal, at least by Carew, since the penalty has satisfied the former Norwegian player’s lawyers. “This shows that he was believed on all fronts, as we have always said,” explained his lawyer, Berit Reiss-Andersen. At the basis of the defensive strategy are the bad advice provided by Carew’s former agent, Per Flod, who advised him not to declare income and assets outside his country of origin. The First State Attorney, Marianne Bender, will evaluate how to proceed because “it is a serious matter, we are talking about a multi-year evasion of a significant amount. We will understand if there are grounds for an appeal”.

    The other controversies

    At various points in his career, Carew has found himself involved in some scandals. Between 2004 and 2005, the striker had been involved in a paternity suit; he initially he had not recognized him, then the DNA test confirmed the kinship. In 2010 he was defrauded of 228,000 euros, the following year he had to declare bankruptcy due to non-payment of some taxes owed to the French treasury only to later discover that it was a misunderstanding. In his career he has played for Valerenga, Rosenborg, Valencia, Roma, Besiktas, Lyon, Aston Villa, Stoke City and West Ham. Then he was on trial for a few weeks at Inter to replace the injured Milito in February 2013; after failing a medical, he announced his retirement that same October.