The case will then be referred to the Olympic Committee.

    Suek is investigating a case that preceded the Tokyo Olympics. AOP

    The Finnish Ethics Center for Sport, Suek, has completed an investigation into reported suspected misconduct during the Tokyo Olympic preparation camp.

    Both the parties involved and those who may have discovered the incident were heard during the investigation. The subject of the investigation was an employee of the Finnish Olympic Committee.

    The case will be referred from Suek to the Olympic Committee. Suek does not comment further on the case.

    Washing invitation

    The investigation was about the events that preceded last year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo. The case under investigation took place at a finishing camp. Equality Ombudsman reported on the incident on Monday.

    – A said that he was eating with the Olympic team, when B, an employee of the Finnish Olympic Committee, laughed to him and said: After the incident, A tried to talk to representatives of both the Olympic Committee and the Finnish Sports Federation (SUL), but the matter has not been addressed, the statement of the Equality Ombudsman says.

    The Olympic Committee issued its own bulletin the next day.

    – The representative of the Olympic Committee did not understand that the person had experienced the language used in the situation he reported as sexual harassment, as the person did not call his experience as such and did not make a request or request to intervene or clarify the matter further.

    – Later, the person reiterated his experience of the finishing camp in a few situations in late 2021 and early 2022, after which a representative of the Olympic Committee present at the situation called him and asked if he wanted to take the matter forward to the management of the Olympic Committee. Also in this case, the person stated that there is no need for it, but he or she will be in touch if he or she deems it necessary, OK’s press release says.

    The Equality Ombudsman requested clarification from both the Finnish Sports Confederation and the Olympic Committee. In OK’s investigation, the case was acknowledged as bad humor.

    The Olympic Committee asked Suek to investigate the case. Now that the study has been completed, the Olympic Committee can draw the necessary conclusions.

    Iltalehti did not reach the Olympic Committee to comment.