Fans can enjoy the life of folk singer John de Bever for another season. There will be a second season of ‘De Bevers’, confirms his husband and manager Kees, who also has a major role in the series. “Nice, isn’t it! The recordings will start again in two weeks and they will be broadcast in the autumn.”

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    Malini Witlox

    Wash the car. Have his ears spit out. Visiting his father. Visiting Kees’s grandmother. A surprise party. It was all discussed in the first season, which is a huge hit and is broadcast on both RTL5 and Videoland. The last episode of that season will air on July 7.

    The recordings for that first season have now been completed. Kees and John have no qualms about giving up their privacy again for a few weeks, while they are followed by a camera team. “You know what it is, we are ourselves. Then you don’t have to make any effort with the recordings,” says Kees, who is now also a well-known Dutchman.

    “I get a lot of reactions, also from children who are homosexual themselves.”

    “John was already used to all the attention, for me it took some getting used to”, Kees admits. “I get so many reactions to it, both on the street and via social media. Also from children who are gay themselves and are happy that this series is here. We are now used to the camera team, they have become our friends. stopped, we even missed them.”

    Go after ‘The Beavers’ Peter Gillis, who is already in his seventh season with Massa is Kassa. “We will continue as long as we like it and other people like it. The first season was an introduction to us. The content of the second season will be a bit more in-depth,” says Kees.

    John de Bever himself was not immediately available for comment on Thursday evening.


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