un another exclusive holiday in a five-star resort, where young and glam couples apparently in love arrive, grandparents-dads-children in search of their roots, unresolved middle-aged billionaires with restless assistants, while from afar a girl, Simona Tabasco , he observes. The context is sparkling, the suites immense, the Moorish heads in Caltagirone ceramic on display on the sideboards, Etna in the background and the sea in front. The second season of The White Lotusaward-winning Hbo series airing exclusively on Sky and streaming only on Now, leave Hawaii and disembark in Taormina. Here too, as in the first season, we begin with the dead, indeed, more than one: the American tourist with the face and body of Barbie throws herself into the water and suddenly sees bodies emerge from the waves.

    From there it flashes back to when at The White Lotus – actually the San Domenico Palace – our protagonists arrive disembarking from a boat: among them Jennifer Coolidge, the only one already present in the first season (winner of one of the 10 Emmys won by the series), in the colorful clothes of the rich Tanya with her husband in tow, and F. Murray Abraham, a lively old man with a producer son and a recent graduate nephew. Waiting for them, in addition to the hotel manager Sabrina Impacciatore, are two local girls who prudently keep themselves in a corner so as not to be seen: an aspiring singer (Beatrice Grannò) and Lucia, beautiful, casual, «one who chooses to do some own body what it wants” says Simona Tabasco, 28, who plays her.

    Simona Tabasco in The White Lotus

    Simona Tabasco in a scene from The White Lotus 2

    For the Neapolitan actress, whom we saw in the role of Dr. Elisa Russo alongside Luca Argentero in the two seasons of Doc – In your handsand in those of the policewoman Alex in The bastards of Pizzofalcone (now on the set of the fourth season), The White Lotus 2 it was an opportunity to enter a major American production with a multifaceted character, in evolution, not at all obvious. Just like her.

    Tell us about “your” Lucia. Who is she?
    A free and aware woman who wants to bite into life, who imagines knowing men and dominating them to do with them what she wants, who believes she can decide for herself and her future. But she also has a naive, hidden side, and over the course of the episodes she will have a growth path that is not at all obvious. Trust me, she will surprise you.

    On the set of The White Lotus 2 she was one of three Italian actresses in an Anglo-Saxon cast. What effect did she have on her?
    The Americans have been extraordinary, they have always made me feel at ease, they are open to everyone, they never exclude anyone. They have a nice way of working. They celebrated my birthday and I really didn’t expect it!

    Simona Tabasco with Sabrina Impacciatore, and Beatrice Grannò in Los Angeles for the premiere of the second season of The White Lotus.

    With Beatrice Grannò you filmed the two seasons of Doc together The White Lotus 2?
    We have known Beatrice for ten years, since the days of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. We were contacted while doing Doc. I think the director Mike White, the same as the first season, really wanted to exploit the chemistry between us.

    Simona Tabasco: «I wanted to be a fashion stylist»

    Have you always thought of being an actress? No, actually I wanted to be a fashion stylist. She has always been passionate about fashion and who knows, sooner or later the opportunity will arise. My father is an advertising graphic designer, he taught me the alphabet by drawing. My twin brother, Marco, works in a record company. We all have an artistic side in the family and our parents have always left us free to do and dream. Cinema entered my life by chance at the Giffoni Film Festival, where I shot small short films.

    When did it become a job?
    The turning point was the series Happiness has come. But I don’t feel like closing myself off on other avenues today. I’m 28 years old, I think we can change, today there are more possibilities, new professions to undertake. I can’t say: I’ll do this or that all my life, it’s too soon.

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    For example, what would you like to do?
    One of my dreams is to enroll in the degree course in Cultural Heritage. I love art, especially contemporary art but not only. My favorite painter is the Flemish Hieronimus Bosch, who lived at the end of the fifteenth century.

    From the service for iO Donna. Photo Dirk Vogel. Styling: Valeria J Marchetti. Hair & make up: Fulvia Tellone using Givenchy Beauty @simonebelli agency.

    Bosch represented worlds of angels and devils, witches and monsters. Creepy and fascinating, don’t you think?
    Precisely for this reason it attracts me, as the grotesque characters in Fellini’s films attract me. And do you know which director I would like to work with?

    I try: Sorrentino?
    He sure, but my favorite is David Fincher’s Seven. I love suspenseful stories, hidden realities, two-faced characters.

    How his? Lucy of The White Lotus 2 it has its own evolution that we don’t want to spoil. Elisa of Doc she is tough in the ward, but in relationships with men she is at least confused: in the second season she even has an ambiguous and virtual relationship with a priest.
    I have a strong-willed face, they often ask me to play determined girls. But these “my” women never have only one or two dimensions. They are multifaceted, they have to tell something uncomfortable, even disturbing. They have shadow sides. As for Lucia, it is not known which path she will take.

    Simona Tabasco: «Beauty is how you feel about yourself»

    From the service for iO Donna. Photo Dirk Vogel. Styling: Valeria J Marchetti. Hair & make up: Fulvia Tellone using Givenchy Beauty @simonebelli agency. Louis Vuitton look.

    Multifaceted and also sexy. Lucia does not hide her femininity. As for her, we admired her in her shimmering nude look at the Venice Film Festival. How important is her beauty to you?
    It is not the reason that drives me to do this job. I’m not interested in standing in front of a camera and showing myself. Beauty is not appearance, it’s how you feel about yourself. And a beautiful girl doesn’t necessarily have to have a man next to her.

    Does she want to tell us that she is no longer engaged to the musician Rodrigo D’Erasmo, the violinist of the Afterhours?
    Let’s say that today I am happily focused on my work. Sure, I hope eventually to find someone to share my life with, but I’m really busy as an actress. I just got back from the Los Angeles premiere of The White Lotus 2it was great.

    What do you wish for the future?
    To continue chasing my dreams. Today the world is difficult, but for this very reason it is precious to be able to dream. “I am 28 years old, I am happily focused on my work. But I don’t want to preclude other avenues.