Igone de Jongh does not want to respond to the news that her beloved Thijs Römer is being prosecuted for sexual offenses involving three (!) underage girls. “It is suddenly completely silent.”

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    In a few weeks it will be exactly one year since Thijs Römer and Igone de Jongh first appeared on television together as a loving couple. The ballerina explicitly sought attention for her relationship with the actor, but now that he has been heavily discredited, we suddenly no longer hear her.

    Silent couple

    Story boss Guido den Aantrekker thinks it’s very quiet from Thijs and Igone. “Yes, and when the whole case was brought before… You can also see it in the reactions Thijs himself gave and also those of Igone later. He then went full on the organ, but there is little left of that. There is really an icy silence now,” he says in Shownieuws.

    He continues: “At the Story magazine we had already established that he and Igone are not really together much anymore. There was also a time when she no longer lived in that house and he did. That is not going so well anyway.”

    Do not react

    Nobody wants to say anything. “We have of course asked everyone for an additional response, but Thijs’s lawyer says that they do not want to respond anyway as long as the case is ongoing.”

    He continues: “We have also asked Igone and there is no response from her management. The same actually for Katja Schuurman. Now it is completely quiet and we will have to do with that for a while.”

    And what about Katya?

    Rob Goossens, the TV connoisseur of RTL Boulevard, also finds it very strange that Katja Schuurman says nothing. “We also called Katja Schuurman, his ex and his daughter’s mother. Her phone is off.”

    He continues: “Thijs himself does not answer either. We did speak to his manager, but he had one answer to all the questions we asked him and that is: ‘I’m not going to say anything about this.’”

    Never again in series

    According to Rob, one thing seems certain: we will not soon see Thijs in a film or series again. “Certainly because it concerned underage girls at the time, it would be very difficult to restart it if he were convicted.”

    “I can’t imagine that he would do anything at all until there is a ruling. But if he were convicted… I believe it is better to be a war criminal in the Netherlands than to have done something to minors.”