Jussi and Jenny are seen on Sex Tape in Finland.

    Sex Tape seen in Finland Jennyn36, and Jussin, 38, has six children in a new family. The couple’s daughter, who has been together for three years, is still a baby. In addition, when both have their own and common hobbies and a network of friends, there is less time for intimate interaction today than before.

    – Before, we had sex all the time, Jenny says in the series.

    – Yes, it has collapsed violently, Jussi adds.

    Jenny and Juss have a new family of six, so they get tired at times. Discovery +

    Before having the youngest child, sex was spontaneous.

    – We were only able to go for a run somewhere in the bush, Jenny recalls.

    A special level sexual therapist who hosts the program Marja Kihlström wants to know if the “bushings” are now completely forgotten. That would be a shame for him.

    – We will not bury them completely, a couple of promises, although they are now less.

    – Things will also be successful against the snow project, Jussi suggests with a view to the coming winter.

    Marja hopes that Jenny and Jussi would not completely forget about having spontaneous sex in the heart of nature. Discovery +

    The sex videos filmed by Jussi and Jenny for the series themselves are neither in the bush nor in the hang. Their content excites the couple in advance – mainly because they don’t know what the series will end up showing.

    – Home videos are stiff, that what is shown there, Jussi admits.

    – I’m excited about our sex scene because it was, first of all, something that doesn’t usually happen that much, he explains.

    So what does the man mean by his comment?

    – Jenny wanted to tie me up. It was a really nice variation. Most often, the roles are the opposite.

    Heidi presents her husband with a couple of wishes. One of them is that Mikko would also vote during sex. Discovery +

    Also participating in the program Heidi40, and Mikko42, draw ideas from the videos Jenny and Juss intend to implement.

    – They boldly try things: they bind each other and play with each other. We adults have to play too, Heidi reminds us.

    – Maybe I’ll get Mikko’s butt, a humorous woman planning a splash in the corner of her eye.

    Sex Tape Finland’s two new episodes today on Discovery +. See Telku for program information on streaming services.