Sebastian Stan plays a man with neurofibromatosis in the new movie.

    Sebastian Stan is currently filming the new movie A Different Man. PDO

    Actor Sebastian Stan was recently photographed in New York completely unrecognizable on the set of a new movie.

    Stan presents A Different Man – in the film about a man who suffers from neurofibromatosis, i.e. a disease that causes nerve tissue tumors.

    For his role, Stan is disguised with prosthetics. The actor has published a picture of himself disguised as a character on his Instagram account.

    You can watch the embed as well from here.

    In the film, Edward, played by Stan, has his face cut in an extensive corrective surgery. Later, Edward develops an obsession with the actress who plays him in a movie about his life.

    An actor with neurofibromatosis also stars in the film Adam Pearson.

    Sebastian Stan was filmed in New York on the set of a new movie. PDO

    Stan is also remembered from the miniseries Pam & Tommy, which tells the story of Baywatch star Pamela Anderson and the drummer of the band Mötley Crue Tommy Lee sex video horror.