On Thursday evening, a sailboat on dry land in the Huizerhoofd marina went up in flames. The entire vessel was destroyed by the fire. It is striking that a fire had already started on the same boat earlier that afternoon.

    Around half past ten in the evening the vessel was on dry land and a fire started on the boat. The fire brigade was quickly on site to extinguish the fire, but on arrival the fire was already so bad that the boat could no longer be saved. “We have had it burn out in a controlled manner and extinguished it,” the spokesman for the fire service said. The fire service does not know what caused it.

    A nearby yacht was also damaged in the fire. This had to be moved by the fire brigade during the extinguishing, because it could possibly be ‘blasted’. This means that the yacht could also catch fire due to the heat or flames.

    earlier that day

    It is striking that the same sailboat caught fire earlier that day. That was around noon when the boat sailed near the marina on Ambachtsweg. This fire started in the engine compartment. But the cause of the fire is also unknown in this case.

    The fire brigade also had to turn out for this fire. The boat was quickly towed to a ramp along the wharf by the rescue squad, away from the other boats in the area. The boat could be extinguished from the side. The KNRM fire boat was also called up for this. “All emergency services and port personnel have responded quickly and adequately,” said the spokesman.


    Later that day the ship was put on dry land, where it went wrong again later that evening. The fire brigade has not ruled out whether something could have smoldering after which the fire started again. “It could be that something was smoldering somewhere that we couldn’t reach, but you can’t say for sure.”

    The police say they rule out a crime and that they assume that the fire was caused by a technical defect.

    The port of Huizerhoofd does not want to say anything about the fire. They let you know that everything else has been cleaned up.