British writer JK Rowling originally wanted to hold a Zoom meeting with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy. One of the topics of the conversation should have been the children who fled from the Ukraine – but it turned out differently. On the other end of the line was a notorious Russian comedy duo.

    In the video, which seems quite bizarre, the “pranksters” repeatedly address topics that are supposed to make Rowling uncomfortable. So you mention, as the supposed President of Ukraine, that Harry Potter’s scar would resemble the Russian propaganda symbol “Z”. The Russian comedy duo then asked if the author could change the shape of the scar.

    Whether Dumbledore is actually homosexual is also discussed. “Hopefully he hasn’t slept with transgender people,” notes the comedy duo — a nod to Rowling’s controversial comments about people whose identities don’t match their registered gender. Rowling remains polite and clueless throughout the interview. Here the video.

    During the conversation, the author could only hear what was supposed to be the voice of the Ukrainian president. Only towards the end of the interview did the Russian comedy duo activate the webcam to introduce the “Order of the Ukrainian Phoenix”. You can see three elderly people wearing T-shirts with the Cyrillic lettering “Only Putin”.

    Supported by the state?

    The Russian comedy duo “Vovan and Lexus” have been known for their prank calls for years. Among the prominent victims are names such as Elton-John, Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders. The duo’s main targets are non-Russian politicians who are critical of Putin.

    Independent Latvian news site Meduza wrote about Vovan and Lexus. “For some reason, their pranks always seem to serve the interests of the Russian authorities.” The British government describes Vovan and Lexus as “state actors”.

    The duo denies these allegations, but admitted they never want to frame Putin allies. Her official YouTube channel was deleted in March this year.

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