Roy Donders does everything he can to get attention from the show media, but the fallen reality star does not get that from the popular show column Gossip Talk. Why is that exactly?

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    Gossip talk presenter Jan Roos explains that Roy Donders is simply not interesting enough to make the broadcasts of his show section. “In our broadcast of Gossip Talk, we don’t treat Roy Donders very often, because he is of course a fairly uninteresting person,” the program maker tells in New Revue.


    Such a Roy deserves no attention at all, according to Jan. “The Netherlands is filled with non-talents; people who can do nothing but become famous because they are fringe figures. Take the Meilandjes, the Gillis family and also a Roy Donders. What can they actually do?”

    Not very much, he thinks. “But people find it amusing to see someone who can’t do much either. Except for that one great talent to be an incredibly big cousin, but that is no longer possible now.”


    Roy is now suddenly in a relationship with a woman and they also have a child. “He already wanted to be a father, a Brabant papaatje, to celebrate carnival with his children. The problem was that he had been performing the wrong sexual acts for years before that.”

    Does Jan believe that the former house suit king really likes women these days? “Of course he remains a cousin as a boy. He is one of the founders of the Greek principles, he is not going to wake up one day and think: now I’m with the girls.”


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